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Keeping London Cleaner – How can we improve our capital?

Throughout the year, but particularly during the summer, our fantastic capital is buzzing with events. Culture and live music, sport and carnivals draw thousands of people to London and into parks and event spaces for hours or even days of fun. Whilst this provides ample opportunity for celebration, the aftermath of these events can be a real headache for organizers. Cleaning up food packaging and plastic cups, discarded programmes and broken souvenirs takes a team of dedicated cleaners to restore these spaces to their former glory.

What Can Be Done To Minimize Mess?

When people gather in large numbers for events at temporary venues, one of the main considerations by law is to ensure sufficient provision of portable toilets. However, going above and beyond with this aspect of your planning can do much to keep the area looking at its best. Venue planners need to give thought to how many people will be attending and what their specific needs are. Is it a children’s event? A boy band concert? A football match? Do you need an even split between male and female units? Will there be small children? Do you need to provide baby change units? Have you thought about disabled access? Is alcohol being served? Then you may need more units than you think! An expert company, experienced in portable toilet hire in London can take the stress out of organizing this aspect of your event.

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Thinking Outside The Venue

Organizers may also consider giving some thought to portable toilet hire in other key areas outside the actual venue. Will there be a queue on arrival, do attendees have access to toilets whilst they’re waiting to get in? Is there likely to be a meeting place near the venue that may need portable toilet provision out of respect for the neighbors? You may also need to consider areas near exits – getting out of a venue can be a slow process and people may have been waiting for the duration of the concert/match/show to use the toilet. If no provision is made then concert revellers and football supporters may make their own arrangements, to the detriment of fellow citizens and the local area.

Leading By Example

A great example of the foresight was shown just recently. Wembley Stadium contains a grand total of 2618 toilets, the most arena toilets in the world, but the areas around the stadium where supporters gather before important football matches are woefully lacking. Therefore, before the FA cup semi-finals, provision was made for portable toilets on the roundabout – a place where many football supporters gather to sing and chant before the match – near Wembley stadium in an effort to keep London cleaner. Thinking outside the box can do much for the reputation of event planners looking to minimise mess. The trick is to think like a visitor, and make toilets visible and accessible along the main routes and gathering places near a venue as well as within the venue itself.

So, as summer is on its way and as London gets hotter and busier, so does the social calendar. It’s now time for everyone who works hard to create a fantastic schedule of events in the capital to keep one eye on the toiletry needs of visitors to our great capital. Spare a thought for the residents of London and let’s work together to keep it cleaner for those who live in our capital and the visitors who come from near and far to enjoy all it has to offer and admire its grandeur and beauty.

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