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Jodhpur – The Palace City

The city of Jodhpur located in the state of Rajasthan, is said to have a rich historical legacy and design. This city boasts of having a wonderful legacy of monuments and forts that are found to be excellent tourist attractions. There are several popular castles that should not be missed out during the trip. The city of Jodhpur does have plenty of places to visit. Hence, the local government is doing its bit to promote the tourist attractions to both the domestic and international tourists.

Some landmarks to visit when in the city of Jodhpur

By hiring cab service in Jodhpur, it becomes possible for the person to ensure that none of the tourist attractions located here is missed out by any chance. The city as well as its scenes is considered to be quite attractive, enticing tourists to come here in flocks. Some of the age-old forts located here are given below. Each fort is said to be associated with some kind of history related to it. Planning the itinerary in advance can help the tourist to ensure that all the important tourist spots are covered. A trip to Jodhpur is simply incomplete and unsatisfactory, without visiting these forts.

  • Mehrangarh Fort:

It is considered to be among the biggest of all forts in Rajasthan and also an attractive one. It is also a popular fort, located on a slope with a height of about 150 meters, this fort has been established in 1459 by Rao Jodha. There are seven doors that need to be crossed for entering the fort premises. The doors are said to still bear proofs of the fights that ensued in those days. The second gate is known to display clearly canon ball marks when armies had attacked it. Jayapol, meaning triumph had been worked by the great Maharaja Man Singh, who wanted to celebrate his win over Bikaner and Jaipur armed forces. Fattehpol, another gate also means triumph had been established by the then Maharaja Ajit Singh to celebrate the defeat of the Mughals.

  • Jaswant Thada:

It is located on the other part of the fort complex. This royal fort has been constructed to recognize the 33rd Jodhpur Rathore leader, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. There are present two tombs within the cenotaph. Closer to it is the regal crematorium as well as three different cenotaphs. As a matter of fact, this fort is considered to be a wonderful example of Indian architecture. It is actually made of white marble and created from complicated marble cut sheets.

  • Raj Ka Baag Palace:

It is regarded to be another popular vacation spot for families to visit during their trip to Jodhpur. They can check out Jodhpur cab fare and accordingly visit this fort as well as the others located in an around the city. This royal residence had been constructed by Maharaja Jaswant Singh I. It is quite close to Raika Bag Royal railway station residence.

Overall, this city is indeed a must visit whenever in the state of Rajasthan.

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