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Is Your Current Technical Support Outsourcing Company Good Enough?

Technical SupportSeeing a company outsource its technical support is a common sight now-a-days. Not just big businesses but small businesses as well are readily relying on the technical support outsourcing companies for handling their IT functions. The major reason for the same is the accessibility. When companies delegate their technical functions to a third party, they get access to latest technology, hardware, proficient workforce, and many other things. Moreover, it also makes businesses forecast their costs as the hosting server lets them do so.

However, not having a robust and reliant outsourcing partner makes the tech support of your company worse than what it would have been in-house. While a reliable technical support outsourcing partner can help you progress and set a good image of your company in the market, a less efficient one will make your business suffer a lot.

So, how do you know if your tech support partner is good enough or not? Well, here is a list of red alerts that you should be vigilant of. If you nod at the points mentioned below, you should definitely consider switching to some other better outsourcing company.

Sluggish behavior :

Many times you will face some technical glitches and expect the tech support to resolve the issue immediately. For the same, you will obviously drop an email to the concerned person telling him the issues or maybe call.

Prompt replies and quick actions are always appreciated as they will help you in running the internal business functions smoothly without any delay.

On the other hand, if your outsourcing partner keeps on delaying the work or takes way more time than required, take it as a red flag. You need an active team to work with, lethargic ones will slow down the progression of your company.

Bad customer experience :

Tech support and chat support outsourcing is responsible for a good customer experience. So, if you resist Inbound calling the tech support outsourcing company, consider it as a red flag. Also, the helpdesk services are also a part of tech support. So, if your customers are not satisfied with the help desk services you provide using their agents, start looking for some other vendor immediately. The technical assistance you give to your customers should be easy for them to understand. The agents might be using technical jargons in front of the callers who are not technically sound or there might be some other reasons too. All this counts and sums up to a bad customer experience. Moreover, if the agents will be dealing less efficiently.

Fixing and never avoiding :

The foremost purpose of hiring a tech support outsourcing company is to avoid any future glitch or big technical problem. The third party should foresee the problems and try to prevent them. They are not just hired to solve the tech-related problems but to prevent them as well.  If the team is not capable of doing so, it is a big red flag as ideally, they should be able to fix and prevent technical problems. Otherwise, the employees will not be able to make full use of their potential and the same will affect the growth of your business.

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The absence of technology you require :

As your business will expand and grow, your business website will also be upgraded. Especially, if you have an online store, you will work on improving it every day so that the customers find it easy to navigate and shop for it. But if your tech supporter isn’t able to assist you with the technology you require, don’t stick to it. This is a warning sign that you should search for an outsourcing company that has the technology you require.

Communication problem :

Not getting a response to even your important emails, to the urgent requests you make, a report on the status of the problem is very annoying. If the company you have partnered with is hindering your growth because of not replying or replying very lately even on important messages, you should take it as a red flag. Your internal business tasks will get delayed because of this. An ideal outsourced tech support provider should be quick in replying and solving the problems.

If even two of the aforementioned points stand true in your case, you must consider outsourcing the technical assistance to any other company. Remember a reliant and efficient outscoring partner can help you immensely but a wrong one can take your business growth to a halt. So, choose wisely.

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