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Make Investments Like a Pro With Stock-o-meter

Investing is the new trending buzz word these days. It is the way of making money work for you while you are tending to the varied demands put on your life. As per the legendary investor Warren Buffet, Stock Investing is putting out money seeds now to receive more of it in the future. The primary goal of investing is to put your money in one or more types of investments such that the money grows and returns can be gained from it.

It is pertinent to note that investing is committing money to make a profit out of it in the future under the assumption that it will grow over time. However, it also comes with the risk of losses.Investing in the stock market is the most common way forward, especially for beginners to gain investment experience. The stock research available with the best stock research tool can help beginners perform a stock analysis like a pro.

Make Viable Investment Decisions With The Best Stock Research Tool

When performing fundamental analysis of Indian stocks, it takes time to research stocks and funds to gain an advantage. For effective trading, it is crucial to use trading and stock analysis tools to master the stock market to maximise profits and minimise trading losses. Stock-o-meter is an excellent stock market analysis tool for doing Stock analysis for beginners. It is essential to look at the fundamentals of a stock before investing. It is simply not about quantitative valuation but also about other intangible factors such as governance standards, management quality, etc. All these factors help make a viable decision with a reasonable benchmark for the valuation of the company.

Stock-O-Meter Features: Best Indian Stock Screener

A stock screener allows you to filter stocks based on selected stock market indicators. This enables fundamental or technical equity analysis. To choose the best stocks for investment, one needs to look at several parameters like profit and loss ratio, balance sheets, etc. Analysis of such humongous data is a hassle if done manually. The best Indian stock screen helps overcome this hassle by providing all the data for filtering, shortlisting and analysis on the screen with a click of the button.

Best Indian Stock Screener stock-o-meter has exceptional features that help even a beginner work like a pro. Some of the salient features:

  • Stock-o-meter helps in providing a detailed analysis of more than 75 + companies listed on the stock exchange.
  • One can access the latest news about the financial performance, data and research of more than 2000 listed companies.
  • The screener enables access to valuable previous research, including more than 120 videos and more than 40 e-books.
  • One can also avail latest stock research every month as numerous research videos are posted every month.

Invest In Stock Market Like A Pro

  • Having real-time data helps a trader to keep up to date with the latest information. Real-time streaming and charting help keep track of price movements, volume and chart patterns even on a second’s notice. This gives a satisfying and authentic experience.
  • Each trader is unique with a unique set of strategies. The stock-o-meter allows you to customise your experience and your data to suit your individual needs. One can discuss with other stock-o-meter subscribers to gain further insights.
  • A feature that makes stock-o-meter an exceptional research tool is its easy to use navigation and format that is convenient to master.
  • It allows a view of all industry and sector-wise peers along with detailed peer comparison.
  • Provides additional filters on the company list.

Best Stock Research Tool For Fundamental Analysis Of Indian Stocks

When one is looking forward to making gains from investing in equity and stock analysis by doing

equity research in India, then one need not look further from stock-o-meter, the best stock research tool for fundamental analysis of Indian stocks. The portal gives a detailed overview of the shortlisted company concerning sector, industry, competitors and future prospects. For thorough stock analysis, stock-o-meter uses Yadnya’s FIVE- G framework that encompasses a transparent and unique methodology that is easy to understand.  The deep fundamental research on good stock indicators is user-oriented.

The proprietary FIVE – G framework for deep analysis is based on the following five fundamentals:


  • Quarter & Annual Results Analysis – Last 10 years, Ratio Analysis


  • Market Analysis & Growth, Competitor Analysis & Prospects


  • Share Performance & Valuation Analysis


  • Company Overview, 4Ps of Marketing, Market Share, Differentiators, SWOT


  • Company & Promoter’s Story, Shareholding, Board Profile, CSR, Reviews & Awards

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