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Factors That Make Instagram the Best Social Media Platform

Best Social Media PlatformOver the years Instagram has conquered the social media and has proved to be the most successful platform. It is not without any rhyme or reason that Facebook has spent over $1 billion on Instagram.

However, back in 2012, the scenario was entirely different. It was considered to be a simple mobile app that could primarily place retro filters over the photos for its young users in the urban areas. At that time the company had no android app or much of revenue.

That folly is long and permanently gone. This photo platform is the most favored one for modern day users, and the real Instagram likes plays a significant role. Most of the businesses, small and large, use this platform to promote their business product and services as well.

Reasons for success of Instagram

One of the primary reasons for the success of Instagram in the social media sector is that people are spending more time in the Instagram app as they are on Facebook. There are several reasons for it such as:

  • The intelligent design choices of Instagram
  • Ability to link people’s desire for a growing revenue stream
  • The optimal and proper use of filters instead of the much-disparaged “hipster” aesthetics
  • Ability to frame pictures of people as an idyllic representation of life and most significantly
  • Being tied intimately to aspiration.

Long gone are those days when Instagram was considered as a cliché platform where people can show off themselves. Now with the wide-ranging focuses and different tools and apps such as Like4Like, it has become the most useful platform for individuals as well as business owners alike.

With its advanced and useful features, it can instantly draw thousands or even millions of followers. The effect of it can be felt everywhere whether it is a café or a bar, art show or a concert, all will shape up to look good on Instagram and result in free Instagram likes more.

Arguably, Instagram has been able to produce a uniformity of “hip” spaces all over the world making everything look exactly the same, well almost.

Ideal Social Media Platform for e-commerce

The platform is ideal for e-commerce once again for its focus on aspiration and aesthetics. The step by step process of its success can be seen.

  • First, people and businesses with large accounts became the influencers. They began to market and implicitly endorsed certain products.
  • Then, different brands migrated to this platform because of its creative design where visual comes first creating a long and profound impact on the viewers
  • Now, it is used to buy products directly from both its main feed and Instagram stories

Instagram is the best platform to produce massive revenue as it can monetize the ways in which people like to express and find their coveted product or services. This is mainly possible due to its massive user base. Its success lies in its ability to bring in a revenue stream to its native culture.

Ideally, it is the story that acts as a clever release faucet for all the associated pressure about self-presentation.

Author Bio: John Mathew is a digital marketer and a columnist in technology. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
Born libra, likes to lead from the front. Digital Marketing & Technology is his strength. He has pursued engineering. Travelling to new places & writing is his idea of fun. In his free time (if he gets some that is), he is seen donning the chef's hat at home.
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