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The Importance of Updating Your Website

There’s nothing wrong with my site, why should I spend time and resources to update it?

Does the question sound familiar? Or have you also been asking the same question? If yes, we will give you an explanation below as to why website updates are necessary.

User Experience and Functionality

Things in the digital realm constantly change. The trends today will be outdated after a few months. Every once in a while new tools, plug-ins, themes, etc. emerge. Chrome updates its browser.

Your website designer may have created your website using the most recent tools and featured the latest plug-ins, themes, etc. to make sure that the site is working seamlessly. But, since the majority of what you can find online changes, there is a high chance that how your website works will be affected.

Once your website functionality is affected, the user experience will be compromised and we don’t want that to happen. User experience refers to the overall experience of an online visitor who visits your website.

These days, online users most likely do not have the patience to deal with websites that do not work well. If you want to make them stay in your website, let them have a great experience and that can be done through constantly updating your website.

Updates Increases Your Website Security

Bots, hackers, and scammers lurk around the corners of the web waiting for the perfect timing to attack your website. They are looking for vulnerabilities in a website to exploit. Among the most common targets are plugins and themes because many sites use them so it is easy for them to attack a number of websites at once.

Fortunately, plugin and theme developers search their product for any vulnerability. They work to solve the issues and offer an update. Once the developers provide an update, it is essential to properly and quickly apply them unless otherwise, you want to expose your website to hackers. To get notified of the updates, ask the developers if they offer newsletters and make sure to sign up.

The earlier you update your site, the lesser the security risk will be.

Keep Your Website Relevant

Aside from updating the plugins and themes, it is also necessary to update your content.

For e-commerce websites, content updates may mean introducing sales, new products, and even alter the color and theme of the seasons. For websites that aim to acquire a good amount of traffic and improve the ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you have to engage in a search engine optimization (SEO) program. SEO will help encourage search engines like Google to give your website more chances to be seen.

Aside from that, putting fresh, relevant and quality content on your website can help bring more visitors to your website and encourage those who have already visited your site to keep on coming back.

You now know three reasons to update your website. Now, we’ll proceed with some factors you may want to know when finally conducting one.

Updating Your Website

There are updates, specifically for plugins, where you only need to click a button and let the available updates installed. For those who are not web savvy, it is best to speak with the web designer who created your site. They can give you the best guess about it based on the number of updates you missed and the time you made the last update.

You should take the plugins that run most areas of your site seriously and the update should be completed properly.

When it comes to cost, usually the expenses will be based on the amount of time required to complete the updates. The amount of time you’ll need to update the site will be affected by the age of the site as well as the number of needed updates. The cost can be estimated after a designer looks into what should be done.

Updates are usually done when the developers or website development platforms you used to announce one.

A website can be of huge help when it comes to reaching your target market, marketing your products or services, and increasing your sales. It yields the best results when it adapts to the changes in the field.

About Author: Sharmin Akter is a digital marketing specialist at who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads.

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
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