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How to Start Running on a Treadmill

start running on treadmillIf you are a beginner runner on the treadmill, you may face the question on the mind that what you need to know to start running on a treadmill. Operating the treadmill, clothing, food habit, how much time you should spend, etc. are the important things to know. After some days of starting, you can increase the stamina gradually. However, I am going to provide you with some tips for starting running on the treadmill. The treadmill is a good choice for the busy people. If you see that you do not have the specific time to go outside for a run, you can practice on a treadmill.

How to start running Effectively on the treadmill

Starting running on a treadmill is not hard. Just you need to know some matters that are necessary to start the running.

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Take advice from your doctor

Before starting your run on the treadmill, it is better to go to a doctor to take some advice. Check up your health condition and then decide how much stress you can take. Then start your running according to the advice of your doctor.

Get prepared

You may think that you need not get prepared to run on the treadmill because you need not go outside. But it is not true. So, you need the right gear and some other equipment to do this indoor workout. Let’s see how to get prepared to run on the treadmill.

Treadmill clothing

It is necessary to see your clothing because you can sweat. You can wear a well-fitted T-shirt and a pair of good quality shorts. Besides, you need a pair of clean running shoes. You can also take an additional item that called sweatband.

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Other gear

Though you run indoors, you need to keep yourself properly hydrated. So, you need a water bottle with cold water on your hands. Besides, you can put a hand towel beside you. With it, you can wipe the sweated hand, face, arms. You can also keep some things for your entertainment such as earphones, music sources, etc.

Start gradually

Running on a treadmill or outside, you need to start gradually. If you are a beginner, you need to follow a program. You should spend a few minutes to warm up yourself. Then run for a few minutes and walk for a few minutes. Then finish your workout with a slow walk for five minutes. Treadmill surface is softer than outdoors. So, you can face some discomfort when you start your running on the treadmill. Most of the running injuries can cause for increasing mileage too quickly. So, at first, you should try 20 minutes running. If you face soreness in your front shins, you should add recovery day to take rest.

The incline you should use on the treadmill

You should remember that treadmill running is not the same as outdoor running. You will not face the wind resistance and some other matter when you are on the treadmill. So you should keep the incline only 1%. Most of the running treadmills contain decline option.

How can you do not feel bored on the treadmill

Most of the runners feel bored on the treadmill because they have to stay in the same place and exercise with the same equipment. For a long run on the treadmill, music can be a boring tool. Many treadmills have the television option with some channels to enjoy the time. Some best commercial treadmills offer the run simulation where you can select the venue and some virtual streets in some beautiful locations!

Treadmill running

Treadmill running provides you with the opportunity to control your workout. You can focus on your speed, heart rate, incline, etc. and can set your pace on the treadmill. Besides, cushioning reduces the stress while running on the treadmill. It is your best companion then it is impossible to go outside.

You should learn to control the treadmill at first. Then stand on the treadmill with your straight body. Now start slow a slow to warm up. Then increase the speed gradually around 4.5 mph. You can continue it for up to 20 minutes. Do not practice so much. After this run, cool down your body with a slow walk. Keep two days to take rest. It will help you to recover yourself.

Running or walking on a treadmill is very easy. Just follow the tips and start your workout. You can follow a routine. Eat sufficient healthy foods. Take sufficient water. Continue your workout and gradually increase your time and speed.

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