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How to Make Long Distance Moving Easier

Moving is generally considered to be stressful and very demanding. However, long distance moves take the cake as they combine everything that make relocation stressful and a lot more. To ensure we all are on the same page and understand exactly what we are talking about, we will need to first define what qualifies as a long distance move.

A long distance move is generally defined as a move that covers a distance of about 400 miles or more. While there are other differences and considerations, this is the basic definition. You can get more details on this here.

Getting Ready for a Long Distance Move

So you are getting ready for your big move across a distance of about 400 miles or more. How do you get started and how do you handle things to achieve the highest level of efficiency? These are exactly a few of the things we want to consider in this article.

To make this time consuming, energy sapping and psychologically demanding type of move less stressful and more efficient, you need to have a clear strategy for tackling the challenge. Below, we have listed a kind of guide or checklist that you can follow to help you achieve increased efficiency.

Prepare a Checklist of Action Plans

Things go a lot smoother and faster when everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when they should be done. Try to create a checklist of all the things that need to be taken care of and when they should have been completed by. Get this checklist done very early as it will help you begin to get tasks completed on time, making the process easier.

Determine How You Plan to Move

This is a very important decision. What you decide here will affect a lot about your movement. We will look at this in more detail below.

Make Necessary Arrangements

Once you have decided on the method to employ for your move, you should begin to make the necessary arrangements. Make the needed calls, get quotes and generally ensure that you have things locked down with any service provider you intend to work with.

Carefully Begin to Sort through Your Stuff

This is a great time to begin to carefully sort through your stuff. Start this process early and be sure to discard anything you do not really need. You should consider given some stuff away or holding a yard sale to free up space and raise some money at the same time.

Carefully Pack Your Stuff, Labeling Boxes Appropriately

This part will be required if your chosen method does not include a packing service. Even if it does include a packing service, you should still ensure that things are packed in boxes with the right labels showing where they are meant for. You could also include details of the items contained therein.

You can get some important tips for packing here:

Create a Detailed Inventory of what You’re Moving

After you have sorted through your stuff and given away the things you are not moving with, create a detailed inventory of all you intend to move to the new location.

Pack a Box of the Essentials You will Immediately Require at Your New Location

When you get to your new destination, chances are that you will not immediately begin to unpack your boxes. There are however items you will need immediately you arrive. Ensure these are packed in different boxes and kept separately. As much as possible, have these box(es) with you when you move just in case you arrive at the new location before the moving van.

Factors to Consider

Let’s now try to get into some details of a long distance move. We have given a few tips that should help you get things going smoothly. We will now focus on a few very important things you will need to give your full attention.

Your Moving Options

The first of these is how you plan to move. There are a number of options open to you here and we will quickly look at them.

A Full Service Move

This is a kind of move that offers the most convenience and ease. It involves hiring a company to handle the five main aspects of the process. These include packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking. For this kind of move, you should look for top rated moving companies to ensure you get the very best experience.

This will usually attract the highest cost because of the convenience it offers. If your aim is to have the least stress and you do not mind paying more, then go for this option.

A Self-Move

This is the direct opposite of the option listed above. In this option, you handle every aspect of the process. That is, you handle the packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking. You may of course need to hire a truck for the move which you will also drive yourself or get someone to drive for you.

This clearly will mean a lot of work and stress not to mention a lot of time taken from your job or other activities. If you have the time and will for this, you may just find it exciting.

A Partial Self-Move

This method combines a bit of the first and second methods. The main thing is that you handle the overseeing of the process. You could hire hands to help with some parts of the process or every aspect of the process.

For example, you could decide to hire some hands to help with packing, loading, unloading and packing while you take care of transportation. You could also hire a different set of hands to handle transportation or you could rent a moving container to have your stuff moved to the new location where you can then get hands to handle the last two processes.

This method requires that you supervise every stage of the process. You will likely end up saving money if you know how to negotiate with each set of hands you hire. You will however need to ensure that other issues such as insurance is taken care of.

These tips on how to save on long distance moving may be helpful to you.

Ease of Settling in at Your New Location

Part of the stress of moving is the process of settling in the new place. To make this final stage easier, do the following:

  • Be sure to know exactly where you are going and where you want everything coming to be situated. This will make unpacking easy.
  • Ensure the new location is painted, washed and ready to receive you. You do not want to begin to do all of these with your stuff scattered all around.
  • Make sure the utilities are turned on before you get there.
  • Inspect your stuff carefully to ensure nothing was damaged in transit.
  • Be organized with the unpacking process. Begin with your essential box. If possible, move boxes to the rooms where the items in them belong to and unpack them there.

Surely, you will need some time to fully adjust to your new location but with care and a systematic approach, you will get their without too much stress or inconvenience.

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