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How to Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders

When you make a new home, most of your focus is on how to make it look aesthetically appealing. However, you should also make sure that your home is safe and secure from intruders. This involves taking a few measures that can easily be implemented by homeowners. Here are some of them that you may want to consider.

Keep the Doors Secure

Burglars often stroll through the front door. You should always do a regular inspection of your doors and ensure that the door frames are strong and the hinges of the doors are secured. If you have a mail slot check if it can be used to reach the door lock to unlock it. if the house you are moving into used to be someone else’s residence then make sure that the first thing you do is change the locks. This way no one will have the keys to the locks in your home. Other ways to secure your front door is by installing Video Doorbells, smart locks, and strike plate.

Secure the Windows

Windows are the second most important part of your home where a burglar can enter from. The latches that are built-in with a window are not very effective, sometimes they are just weak and flimsy. You may need to upgrade the security of your windows by installing key-operated levers and other locks. Other ways of stopping intruders from entering are to securing the glass with window security films, installing glass break sensors, adding windows bars, and planting prickly bushes on the first-floor windows.

Increase the Lighting 

Anyone that breaks into your home would not like to be in the spotlight. If you have ample lighting outside your home then intruders may be kept away. You can ensure that your front and backyards are properly lit, pathways are well illuminated, and other outdoor structures are also visible at night. This is not only a security measure but also helps you walk around your home without stumbling outside at night. You may use motion sensors that detect a person and turn the lights on, you may use solar lights for energy conservation, and you can also use a timer with your lights.

Home Security System

You should consider having a security system for your home. It may be a DIY system or one with professional monitoring and smart security home devices. Home security systems are available in a variety of price ranges and you can choose the one that falls in your budget and provides the level of security you are looking for. While getting a home security system make sure you consider any monthly costs involved, brand reputation, customer reviews, and any extra services smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Secure Your Garage

The garage is one of the sensitive entry points of your home for burglars. Even if they cannot access your home a garage usually contains valuable stuff for storage. You should never leave your garage door unlocked and always make sure that you lock the interior and exterior doors. You may also consider installing a garage door opener which is a much secure way to keep your garage and home secure. If you use a passcode to open your garage door, then you should keep it a secret at all costs and not reveal it to anyone else, including relatives and neighbors. A smart garage door is a wiser choice. You should ensure that the windows in your garage are covered so no one could see what is inside the garage. Always ensure you have extra locks apart from the already existing ones and use home automation.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

You may put the security of your home at risk if your Wi-Fi network is not secure. It is a way to get access to all your personal data and other sensitive information about your home. If you use home automation and smart devices it could easily be hacked to break into your home, letting criminals in. always secure your Wi-Fi router by enabling WPA or WPA2 encryption. You will also have to rename and hide your home network from neighbors. Other measures include using a firewall, stronger passwords, and anti-virus and malware protection. 

Take Care Of Hiding Places in Your Home

You may be fond of gardening and may have planted trees, plants, and shrubs to make your front yard look beautiful. However, it is advisable that you keep these trimmed and eliminate any hiding places that may be created because of them. You can always go to bushes and flowers instead of huge plants. If there are trees near the windows or doors, then you can add more security so that no one hides in there. Stools and ladders should always be kept away, sheds and other outdoor spaces should be carefully locked, expensive goods should not be left in the yard, and security signs should be placed outside your home.

Final Thoughts

Home security is an essential part of our home. Whether you have a new home or you are considering renovating your existing home security should always be first on the priority list. Your home is a huge investment as well as the stuff you place in it. Not only does a burglary bring financial losses, it also leaves a huge trauma in the mind of the residents. Always ensure that your home security is up to date.

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