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How to Embed Instagram feed on the website?

If you access social media platforms daily, you would observe that users are constantly and actively uploading content on social media along with sharing, browsing, exploring. In this article I describe the different ways to embed Instagram feed on your website.

Also, you will observe the massive quantum of brand pushed promotional campaigns & content. This is obviously due to the massive audience presence of social media & its influence on their purchase behavior. 

With the massive advantages & opportunities for brands & businesses, It becomes essential that you link your online presence i.e. website with social media. 

For example, Instagram is the hub of users, brands, and engaging content uploaded by both of them. 

So, it becomes essential that you make the most of it by embedding Instagram feed on your website to maximize your engagement, conversion possibilities, and business growth.   

Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Instagram is one of the most exciting and popular social media platforms with over a billion active monthly users and around 500 million active daily users. There are various reasons for the worldwide popularity of Instagram. 

It holds a hub of interactive and engaging content, visual aesthetics, easy & simple design, captivating features, shoppability elements, and many more. 

Instagram is a big influencer especially when it comes to online shopping activities for the users as a high number of users come across products that they generate an intention to buy.

If you embed Instagram feed on website, it can help you achieve a massive flow of users from Instagram, create brand awareness, amplify reach & exposure, and maximize your possibilities of higher engagement & conversions. 

Cross-awareness can also be achieved as people who are not aware of either your online presence or your social presence can be exposed to each other which can benefit in channelize advertising. 

Therefore, it has been suggested that you can embed the engaging content from Instagram to your website. 

How to embed Instagram feed on your website 

We have accumulated the four key ways through which you can embed Instagram feed on your website to make it more attractive, engaging, and interactive for the users. 

1. Embed Code from Instagram 

Instagram has this feather to its cap as well where it provides you the option to directly embed the feed from Instagram on your website using a simple embed for the post. 

Go to the post that you want to embed on your website and in the menu section of the post you will find an option “EMBED”. Choose that and you will get the embed code that you can paste on your website page where you want to display it. 

It is a great way to embed a particular post that is beneficial to your business as a recommendation or testimonial from an expert or an influencer. 

But the key thing to consider here is that you follow the Instagram guidelines otherwise you API access might get revoked.

2. Instagram feed aggregator

This is probably the best way to embed and display Instagram feed on your website by using an Instagram aggregator or popularly known as Social media aggregator. 

The Instagram aggregator allows you to curate diverse visual content from Instagram, especially user-generated content and display it in a single feed. You can embed hundreds of posts through this tool. 

You can gather content using hashtags, handles, profiles, etc. from Instagram and customize the curated content according to your needs with themes, colors, feed designs, banners, fonts, CTA’s, etc. 

This lets you make the feed shoppable, enhances product discoverability, website vibrancy, makes the website interactive & engaging, display social proof with UGC, link social & commerce, and many more.

It is easy and simple to embed with options like content moderation, designing, promotional announcements, etc. There are various Instagram aggregator tools available out there. 

3. Instagram Feed plugin/widget

There’s a widget or plugin for most of the things that are essential to a website, So is the case with Instagram feed as well. There are many third-party plugins that are available at your disposal. 

These plugins or widgets will require the mandatory access to your Instagram ID and will let you show the relevant posts from a profile or hashtag. 

These plugins/widgets provide you with a variety of options like resizing the feed layout, quick responsive design, easy adaptability, customization of dimensions & quantity of the posts, or even create multiple feeds. 

The underlying issue is that these plugins/widgets might not be available to some of the websites building platforms. Also, security, constant updates, and lagging are some factors that are persistent with the plugins and widgets. 

4. Embed Visuals directly

This is the easiest, simplest, and the quickest way to embed Instagram feed on your website. You just simply take a screenshot or record the video posts and embed it directly on your website. 

It is highly customizable as well where you can just take a visual snippet of the post that you want to embed and you can design that according to your needs & objectives and then just simply post it on the page where you want to display it. 

The key advantage of this is that you won’t have to worry much about the API guidelines for Instagram and you can have the post even after the post has been deleted from Instagram. 

You can even create a collage of multiple posts and embed it on your website for more interactivity, attractiveness, & engagement. 


Adding an Instagram feed is extremely beneficial for your online presence as it brings the features of social media to your website. You can encourage user conversations, showcase trends, highlight your products, and provide a superlative consumer experience on your website. 

Having fresh social content on your website will help your users engage more with the website and that can enhance the possibilities of conversions & sales for your business. 

Instagram has a lot of potential to offer for business and by embedding Instagram feed on your website you can garner the benefits that can elevate your brand image, identity, and revenue. 

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