How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Picture the scenario: you think you have done everything to make your website attractive for visitors, but the numbers of web traffic simply do not reflect this.

drive more traffic to your website

Obviously, something is wrong. Here are some authentic possibilities for poor traffic and suggestions on how to fix them:

Weak SEO:

Google is the perfect source for web traffic. But it is a tough task to get your content within the top 10 search engine results. The results feature only the best sites.

This implies that your content must be matchless. This is only the start. There are other factors like-installing SEO plug-in, setting up of XML sitemap, optimizing content for keywords etc.

Without these, chances of getting high ranks in search engine results are very slim. Getting even one factor wrong will cause low ranking.

All are aware that Search console, XML sitemap, and Google Analytics are vital. Google Analytics permits you to keep track of your search presence. XML sitemaps feature a mode for Google’s bots to read your site.

Poor backlink profile

Backlinks play a vital role in your search engine rankings. Majority of websites which rank in top ten typically have high-quality links that direct browsers to them. For a minimum, such websites possess much authority implying that their link profile consists of dozens of backlinks from the best in the industry. Lack of backlinks may be the number one reason why you lack traffic from Google.

The first place to rectify this is by blog commenting. Majority of blogs provide no-follow links to their commentators. Best link profiles feature a good combination of do-follow and no-follow links.

Here is a way to build-up links:

Go to one of the top blogs of your niche. Select a blog article that interests you and read it completely. Scroll down to section on comments, fill a form and leave a high-quality comment. Rinse and repeat.

Another strategy is to use resource pages which are basically link pages. Typically they have numerous links connecting to top quality content.

Poor keywords

Keywords are immensely important to rankings in search engines. But more that keyword gets entered into a search by Google, the better the chances that it gets targeted by best content writing in the industry. This means it is 100 times tougher to beat the competition for a place in top ten.

Top rankings are usually provided to websites with high authority like Web MD, Amazon etc. Hence if you choose poor keywords like ‘Quit smoking’, it is likely you will get poor search engine rankings.

To get around this problem, you can either use long-tail keywords or gain authority. In case you want to create an authority website, you need to be diligent and patient. Becoming an authority can take months or years.

On the other hand, in case you target long-tail keywords (search words containing over 4 to 5 highly specific words), you will possess a much higher potential for driving search traffic.

These tips will benefit internet marketing service providers in India who wish to drive more traffic to their websites.



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