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How do Call Centre’s KPIs boost your business’s productivity?

call-centre-kpiAs we know that, business process outsourcing has always been considered as one of the key factors of IT sector. The call centres offer outstanding services to their clients that help them in keeping customers happy. Do you know what all make BPO’s services overwhelming? If No, the answer is their KPIs (key performance indicators) that not only help in getting the better results but also make the agents more productive.

If you are a business owner and still wondering how KPIs related to call centres services can actually impact your company’s profitability, take a gander at the following points: –

First Call Resolution (FCR)

It shows the number of resolved customer’s queries on the first call or chat. It also tells about the ability of agent’s preparation while handling customer queries. Most of the BPO firms want to increase their FCR ratio. To make that happen, they always ensure that their agents get proper training and engaging scripts as both of them are very necessary factors to accomplish better First Call Resolution.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

If you are an owner of a call centre, you already know the importance of AHT as it is related to the firm’s productivity. Average handle time is the time duration in which agents solve the customer’s queries. Apart from this, it also determines that how much workforce is required in the firm. In addition to this, many tools have been used to increase customer’s satisfaction level and to decrease the churn rate.

Queue Length

It means how many calls or chats are on a streak. Usually, vendors offering call centres services try to reduce the queue length as much as they can as it leads to high chances of customer’s dissatisfaction. This increases the importance of latest technology because it helps in managing high call volumes during peak hour.

Service Quality

Again, everything comes back to the customer’s satisfaction level but this is one of those factors that cannot be ignored as business’s future is totally dependent on it. Service quality tells that whether an agent has delivered the desired level of service while solving the consumer’s issues or not. Many firms conduct surveys to find out whether their patrons are happy with them or not. And, if results show a high value of service quality level, it leads to a greater degree of patron’s satisfaction.

Revenue Per Successful Call

Nowadays, every firm wants their profit levels on the peak. The revenue per successful call KPI tells how much revenue is generated after every sales call. In addition to this, it lets managers know whether their teams are achieving the targets or not.

Agent Turnover Rate (ATR)

Being an owner of a business, you should know that your employees hold the equal importance as your customers do. Usually, those companies bite the dust whose ATR is so high. As we know that, customer’s retention rate varies with the agent’s one. And, the reason behind this is whenever an employee leaves the BPO firm, it not only affects his/her team’s output but also leads to the customer handling issues. Therefore, many call centres have improvised their policies to improve their agent’s job satisfaction level.

Average Abandonment Rate

For every BPO firm, the main concern is their call abandonment rate because it is one of those factors that decides whether their customers are happy with the services or not. If you are running a consumer-centric organisation, you can understand that how much customers are important for you and your company. For those who don’t know, abandonment rate shows the percentage of callers who disconnect the call without availing the call centres services from the agents and whenever this rate rises, it reduces the customer’s retention rate.

Wrapping Up:

This article sheds some light on the importance of BPO KPIs and we hope that you got the idea after going through all the above-mentioned points. But, if you want more information on some specific call centre metrics, please mention it in our comment section for the quick answer.

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