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Dive into the Rich Lakes of Bhopal

Bhopal is a beautiful place for travellers. The old portion of city is packed with narrow passages and crammed markets, whereas the new portion of Bhopal is better planned and is full of gardens and parks. Actually, it is not at all wrong to state that Bhopal has reserved charm of its old times despite of industrialization. Bhopal is mostly referred to as a city of lakes. You can explore various tiny to large lakes here. In these lakes, a few are natural and other is man-made lakes.

You must visit this capital of Madhya Pradesh. Here you can easily get good hotels in Bhopal with rates for your convenience too. So, while you explore the horizons of city, relax in the cosy rooms at night. From historic charm to modernised chic, everything is available on the plate of this city. So, when the panache and natural richness is here, where are you?

The Soul of Bhopal: Upper Lake

Upper Lake is also known as Bhojtal and many local people call it Bada talaab too. The Lake is one of the most captivating tourist spots to visit in Bhopal. This man-made lake resides from the eleventh century and considered to be the hugest lake in Madhya Pradesh. Many people believe that the water of this lake possesses curative powers and assist to cure skin ailments. This is a manmade lake and has a small island at the middle. The visitors can also relish the experience of cruise on paddle boats, rowing boats and speed boats. Skiing to water games, everything is here to welcome you. Icing on the cake is the natural beauty and refreshing ambience of this area.

BreathtakingLower Lake

Lower lake is positioned in the tranquil and placid surroundings of regal hills and the huge Upper Lake. The Lake is a gorgeous relic of the wonderful Mughal Empire. Local people call this lake Chota Talaab too. This charming lake is distinguished from the Upper Lake from an over-bridge. The artistic looks of the lake is enriched by the splendid Kamala garden. It won’t be wrong to say that lower lake along with upper lake fetches the title of land of lakes for Bhopal.

Vibrant Shahpura Lake 

The Shahpura Lake is located next to Manisha Market in Bhopal. The lake caters a good relaxation sight to visitors and local people visit the spot to steal some moments of leisure. The views and vistas from the lake are very captivating and leave the visitors with freshness and tranquility. It seems like as if the lake is situated in the lap of nature. This charm enhances at the time of Sunrise and sunset.

In a nutshell, if you are visiting Bhopal for the first time, you are going to be overwhelmed by its richness and plethora of gorgeous spots. Once you taste the different lakes both manmade and natural ones, you will second the view that the city crowns as the land of lakes. So, just inquire for the best Bhopal hotels rates and snatch the best comfortable deal for your stay.

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