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Hire Dedicated SEO Consultant in India

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Rajeev Ranjan - SEO Consultant Over 10Yr Experience

Want to hire an SEO consultant with a proven track record? Then you have come to the right place. Meet Rajeev, He is one of the best SEO consultants in India. In the past, he has worked for organizations like Accenture(Noogler), PolicyBazaar (Largest Insurance Aggregator), Monster India, Infiniti Research, and has served over 1000 websites while in association with various agencies.
For more details, you can view his LinkedIn Profile or fill in the form to discuss the SEO goal.
He has 10 years of experience in technical SEO and growth hacking on issues related to search engine optimization, app store optimization, and YouTube SEO. Rajeev brings innovation, strategic thinking, and historically proven "tried and tested" measures to improve organic ranking for small, medium, and large scale businesses.
He is also the founder of Patmypets & Marketvein.

Rajeev Ranjan

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Hire SEO consultant in India

Digital marketing has pillars which include email, paid search, and social media marketing. But they are not concerned with search engine optimization as it is the organic way to grow the website. This is the reason behind the demand of Hire SEO consultant in India for online business. Millions of people are searching to Hire SEO consultant in india to grow their business. Every business wants to rank its website on the first page of the Google search engine results so that it is accessible and visible to a wide range of audiences, but the complex Google algorithm makes all this very difficult. But you can manage your website on the first page just by Hire SEO consultant in India.

Who is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is a person who has expertise in covering the board on-page and off-page as they drive, implement, and execute SEO strategies to make your business more successful than others. While hire SEO consultant in India make sure you can go with a freelance service or contractual basis. It does not matter the kind of business you have, you can go with any higher SEO consultant in India because they have years of experience working in different niches.

How hire SEO impact your online business?

  • Hire seo experts will improve your search engine ranking on Google and bring more audience with competitive keywords.
  • Hire SEO expert who will increase the organic traffic on your website, which is a plus point for the growth of your business.
  • Hire seo experts will improve the credibility of your business and also provide strength to your online presence.
  • Hire seo experts will provide a positive user experience and also build customer loyalty to your brand.

All the above points will help your online business to get more customer engagement with a better conversion rate. It will also improve brand awareness so that more and more people will know about your business.

What are the roles and responsibilities of hire dedicated seo consultant in India?

Here are some points which will help you to know the core responsibilities and duties of hire SEO consultant in india:

  • To understand the business and requirements

A good SEO consultant will take a step back and understand the needs and requirements of the business so that he can draw up a strategic plan to boost your business. He has to work closely with the CEO, CMO, and President of the company so that he will work according to their mindset. The higher authorities of the business should invest a good amount of time to hire SEO consultant in India.

  • Extensive keyword research

The next role of the SEO consultant is to conduct good keyword research, which will be used on the website and in the content. The keywords are the main things that attract a relatable audience to the website and create strategies to convert them into consumers. Always try to hire SEO consultant in India who has work experience in different niches.

  • Provide a assistance with the content strategy

Hire seo consultant in India, he will provide you with the best strategies for content marketing along with new content ideas. He will also create a calendar for consistent content, as consistency plays a key in gaining and keeping an audience.

  • On page SEO

Hire dedicated SEO consultant in India who is always involved in technical SEO and is not limited to the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Make sure that he will make your website accessible for both mobile and desktop users. He also knows how to fix problems that affect the speed of the website or even individual landing pages. Check regularly that the website test does not face any issues related to the index

  • Execute and developed link will strategy

It is preferable to hire a dedicated SEO consultant in India as they will create high-quality backlinks for your website. Good SEO strategies will always focus on creating quality backlinks as this is the sole reason behind the success of every online business. He will add things such as guest posting citations, broken link building, content outlet content syndication, repurposing, and a lot more.

  • Collaboration with other members

You cannot imagine a single person doing all the SEO tasks like creating strategies, executing them, and making reports as well. Make sure you are going with the whole team of SEO, which includes content marketers, professionals, designers, web developers, stakeholders, and a lot more. Investing in hiring an SEO team will be a growth full decision for your online business.

  • Analyzing the performance and giving reports to the stakeholder

Hire dedicated SEO consultant in India, who should be responsible for the performance of their SEO efforts and present them in numbers to the stakeholders. They should collect the data from the website, which includes the matrix of organic search traffic that follows links, click-through rate, organic conversion rate, and keyboard ranking.

All the above points are enough to explain the keys and responsibilities of a good SEO consultant and India. Now move on to the process of hire a dedicated SEO consultant in India, which is as follows:

The process of hire dedicated SEO consultant in India:

Step 1

Assess your company's SEO needs.

The first thing you have to do is to get a sense of your company's SEO needs and then proceed to the process of hire SEO consultant in India. Because if you go without knowing your business, then you will develop an overall strategy, which takes a lot of time, effort, and energy.

Step 2

Calculate fair compensation.

 In the next step, you have to opt for a diverse SEO skill set so that the SEO expert will be able to manage your business very easily. Let us tell you very honestly that there is not any kind of specific salary criteria for an SEO expert because this salary is totally up to the experience and skill set of the SEO person. It is not an easy task to hire the best SEO team in India; you need to have the right and deep observation power.

Step 3

Write  a detailed job description.

 In the third step, you have to write a detailed job description and let others know your ultimate goal for your business. This will help the dedicated SEO consultant come to you and express their views and ideas, which will help you achieve your goal.

Final words

SEO is the most important part of any online business because it plays the role of the backbone. Without SEO, certain businesses will no longer survive on the internet. Before you hire seo consultant in India you should check out their past work because nothing is better than the past work to judge the SEO consultant. You should also ask for the SEO plan used to grow the business in the long run. You should also ask them to show their testimonials on the website, as this gives you assurance about the credibility of the SEO consultant.