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Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

When one speaks of hair dye and its connection with loss, the chances are that you will hear most people complain about how their dye made them lose their hair, or made it thinner than before. The rumors and myths that have been haunting the human existence regarding this issue are endless.

One thing should be clear before we jump in to any other conclusions; hair damage and loss is definitely possible after a coloring session. You should have this aspect cleared out in your head before dying that it can cause extensive damage to the roots, tips, and even the follicles. However, if the follicles experience more damage than it can handle, then the individual can forget about the regrowth of hair.

The chemicals present inside it dries out the strands and the scalp of the individual, making them weak and dull. Once the strands get dull and are not treated in the manner that protects them from further harm, they eventually start falling out. If the individual has highly sensitive follicles, then it is possible that they can notice the destructive attributes of the strands a few weeks after the dye. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why not everyone experiences the same condition after they color their precious locks.

The best way to deal with this sort of situation is by consulting a professional Image Consultant at one of the best hair loss in Dubai. Most of the times, it is said that the quality of the dye also depends on the health of the strands after the dye has been accomplished, which is why you should get your hair dye recommended by a professional before getting your strands colored. Thinning of the strands, which eventually reduces the volume of the hair, can be caused due to the chemicals present in the color. It doesn’t matter if you get it done from a salon or whether if you perform it at home, because the damaging results will be the same, as it mainly depends on the strength of the follicles as it differs from person to person.

Moreover, if you have lost a good amount of hair, then it is a good time for you to consider a non-surgical hair replacement system in Dubai. Traction alopecia is a common disorder that mainly hits the individuals who possess chemically treated hair and don’t care or handle them in an appropriate manner, for instance, sleeps with tied hair, wears tight buns or braids often, etc. With the non-surgical hair replacement system, you can easily ditch the signs of itchy or sore scalp, as the grafts implanted on the scalp are made of human hair and are designed in correspondence with the existing hair on your head.

This system is known to be natural as it seamlessly blend with the natural hair on the head, making them seem original. In addition to that, you can color, cut, and style them as you would do with your real strands!

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