Your Guide to Working in Singapore


    guide to work in singapore

    Singapore is a country that has one of the strongest economies in Asia. With lucrative businesses around the tiny nation, Singapore is a place that offers quality job offers that pay well. But moving to a an entirely new country has its challenges upon starting your new job there. Other than adjusting to the new culture, getting familiar with the sights and sounds, there are also other factors to have in mind, like renting your own place. Renting in Singapore offers up a lot of options, which could help your stay in the country become more worthwhile. To help you get prepared for your future job in the country, here are some things you need to know if working in Singapore is one of your options.\

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    Knowing the job market

    One of the first things you need to know before applying to work in Singapore is to study their job market. Each company in the country offers a good variety of jobs. Studying each company can help you decide where a good place to work in the country is. With the number of companies present in the country, there is no shortage of jobs available to you.

    Applying for a job

    Once you’re ready, you can now apply for a job position. Preparing your CV is a must for every job, and making it presentable is essential. Once you have prepared your CV, you can now look for job offerings through various job search websites, or you can look at recruitment agencies to help you find a good place to work. You can also use your personal network or friends and colleagues are working, or have work in the country.

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    Getting a job interview

    Once a company gets in touch with you for an interview, you have to compose yourself and prepare for the interview. Other than preparing for the interview questions, you must also be able to present yourself well to your interviewer. The job interview may be done through a video or phone call. Interviewers usually look for applicants who have good English and good qualifications. After the job interview, expect a waiting period of around 1-2 weeks to 2 months depending on the position you have applied.

    Being eligible for the job

    Once you have been accepted, you must also make sure that you are eligible to work in the country. Other than applying for your passport and work visa, you must also apply for a work pass, which can be obtained by going to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. The work pass would depend on your skill level and experience, and is a must to work in the country.

    Relocating to Singapore

    Once you have accomplished the above requirements, it’s now time to finally move in to Singapore. Singapore offers a variety of places to rent, from high rise condominiums, apartments, and housing provided by the Government’s HDB (Housing Development Board). Once you pick a suitable place to stay, it’s now time to arrange your travel accommodations to the country. Travel time may vary depending on your location, and there are a good number of choices when picking the right airline to bring you to the country.


    Once you have settled in your new job and place to stay in Singapore, try not to forget to go to the interesting sights and sounds that the country has to offer. Experience the diverse culture which offers a variety of food, music, and cultural events. Another extra tip: you can apply for permanent residency after working for a number of years in the country.

    Finding the right job is a challenge, but the risk is worth the reward. Once you have a job, all you have to be concerned about is your profession, and the personal growth you’ll be gaining from it.