Good things and Bad things about working in Middle East


    Have you ever worked in the Middle East for years, and then looked back again? Did you find any changes? No, there is no change. The Middle East was and continues to be the great place to live and work.

    But it is not the case for everyone. How you get the experience, is totally depends on you. There are so many reasons on which you define your experience like, your character, your expectations, and your attitude towards people, society, faith, politics and business.

    With the coming Arab Spring, there will be so many people who might have thought of moving to the Middle East, but for those who may feel rather frightened about the prospect now. Especially after reading various foreign ministry advisory notices from countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Don’t get convinced make your own thoughts.

    There are so many reasons for Working in the Middle East or for the projects in Middle East. And another list that states some reasons why the Middle East might not be the right place for a person of Western world or anyone else for that matter to live and work.

    Reasons for working in the Middle East

    1. Financial
    2. Cultural experience
    3. Jumping off point
    4. Friendship
    5. Professional Network
    6. Exploration 
    7. Making a difference
    8. Upping your game
    9. International track record
    10. Gateway to the East 

    Reasons for not working in the Middle East

    1. Heat
    2. Noise
    3. Pollution
    4. Bureaucracy
    5. Status
    6. Rights
    7. Equality
    8. Customer Service
    9. Safety
    10. Tolerance

    In-spite of all these reasons don’t forget people of Middle East have the same needs and desires as most of us to live in a healthy and safe environment with their fellow human beings. There are bad people who are saying and doing bad things. If you go to a foreign country on holidays and find it hard to see the good in that country because of its many mishappenings, perhaps that is an indicator that you will also find it difficult while working for Projects in Middle East.

    Just be aware that if you are planning to go for a project in Middle East, then don’t be afraid as there are also many good people in this region. If you reach out to them, you will find them. If you don’t then you will not know what you are missing.