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Top 20 .Edu and .Gov High Authority Dofollow Backlink List

.Edu BacklinksHigh authority.Edu and.Gov backlinks are one of the easiest ways to boost up the website and helps keywords to rank fast. When I was creating backlinks for Marketvein, I found there are no such websites where i can get actual working .Edu and .Gov backlinks list. So, i have decided to write this post to share top 21 high authority .Edu and .Gov websites with dofollow backlinks.

How I have Create .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

I went to several websites using tool like semrush, Majestic and ahrefs to check .Edu  and .Gov existing backlinks which have been indexed by Google. After checking up more than 20 websites I found made this list top 20 .Edu and .Gov backlink list. I have already checked Robots.txt file, domain authority and page authority to help SEO Guys. These all links are crawlable and indexed. You need to create the profile and update with proper link and bio. Without delaying mush Marketvein is presenting you top high authority backlink websites.

.Edu and .Gov Backlinks List With Do Follow Behavior

Website Domain Authority Page Authority Do Follow .Edu & .Gov Link Sample
https://ruc.noaa.gov 88 65 Link Sample
https://www.ct.gov 92 56 Link Sample
https://usac.academia.edu 92 41 Link Sample
https://www.collegian.psu.edu 92 63 Link Sample
https://cs.byu.edu 90 55 Link Sample
64 Link Sample
https://torgi.gov.ru 77 61 Link Sample
https://forums.huduser.gov 71 50 Link Sample
https://forums.huduser.gov 71 50 Link Sample
http://bml.ym.edu.tw 70 51 Link Sample
http://esri.handong.edu 66 47 Link Sample
http://knsz.prz.edu.pl 66 48 Link Sample
http://lk.sipil.ft.unand.ac.id 64 40 Link Sample
http://www.kzncomsafety.gov.za 62 47 Link Sample
http://drforum.gemini.edu 58 38 Link Sample
http://club.kedo.gov.cn 57 42 Link Sample
http://mp.antioquiatic.edu.co 47 36 Link Sample
33 Link Sample
https://digital.sos.mo.gov 89 37 Link Sample
https://digital.sos.mo.gov 89 37 Link Sample
https://digital.sos.mo.gov 89 37 Link Sample
https://digital.sos.mo.gov 89 37 Link Sample

While i was looking for .edu and .Gov do follow links, I found some other website with very high Da and PA. I thought to share it with all SEO consultant. These high domain authority backlinks can improve your keyword ranking in short time if used properly. But before going to another list, I will like to share more tips to acquire .Edu and .Gov backlinks.

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How To Get Backlinks From .Gov and .Edu Websites

  1. Use site:.edu or site:.gov with the different combination of login, register, sign up and create the account.
  2. Use site:.edu or site.gov and check if the high domain authority website has any subdomain. If they have subdomain, they have higher chances that it will be free for users.
  3. Spy upon your competitor using tools like ahrefs or majestic and in case if they have backlinks from government website try to get the same which depends upon a category of backlinks (profile backlink or contextual backlink)
  4. This is one the best way to get quality contextual backlinks from .edu or .gov websites. Most of the educational websites have a forum for their students. And some of the students are highly active on blog publishing. You can contact them to acquire new high-quality contextual backlink from the educational website.
  5. This method is more similar to 4th point but with the different approach. Once you find that .edu website have the blog. Try to find a student of that institution and offer the opportunity to enter in the blogging world. Once you get contact you can use according to your needs.

Don’t Go for Redirected .Edu or .Gov Backlinks Websites

Do not rely on backlinks which are sneaky and redirected. While creating .edu and .gov backlink I found that most of the website showcasing redirected link, But as an avid marketer I can tell you that these redirected links are not of use. Example of redirected .gov backlinks is below.

Example: https://www.jsc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/ap_pao/ap/pao/exitpage/leaving.cgi?newsite=https://www.marketvein.com/

It will not crawled by google, hence not passing the value to the websites. I have promised you earlier that i will provide more do follow backlinks with the example, lest check out the next list of High authority websites.

High Domain Authority Do Follow Backlinks Lists

Website Domain Authority Page Authority Do Follow Link Sample
https://in.pinterest.com 98 81
Link Sample
https://www.thriveglobal.com 64 55 Link Sample
95 81 Link Sample
https://about.me 92 71 Link Sample
https://www.theverge.com 92 73 Link Sample
https://www.studiopress.com 91 78 Link Sample
https://www.pearltrees.com 91 69 Link Sample
https://forums.createspace.com 90 54 Link Sample
https://express.yudu.com 84 51 Link Sample
https://www.mimoa.eu 65 56 Link Sample
https://bestinau.com.au 46 45 Link Sample
http://forum.ubuntu.ro 43 38 Link Sample
https://giemmep.com 52 35 Link Sample
https://www.theodysseyonline.com 73 57 Link Sample
https://www.youthkiawaaz.com 57 52 Link Sample
https://www.bloglovin.com 93 75 Link Sample
www.theodysseyonline.com 73 57 Link Sample
www.evernote.com 73 57 Link Sample

I hope you will like above websites which is not .Gov backlink but have very high quality.

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Do and Do Not for getting .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

  1. Do not spam the .edu or .gov website by filling so many backlinks.
  2. Create the complete profile so that it looks genuine.
  3. Some website uses BB code as link placement. you can try that in case of not working ahref or HTML tag.
  4. Always check robots.txt of .edu or .gov backlink websites to make sure it is crawled and indexed.
  5. Check spam score of .Gov and .Edu website on Moz. Do not create backlinks of .edu and .gov websites, which have spam score more than 5.
  6. Do not post promotional content.
  7. In case of content, use educational content based on theme of educational and .gov websites.

If you want to buy premium .edu backlinks at below .edu Website contacts us at  Send Mail

New .EDU Website DA Sample Link
cuny.edu 91 Sample Link
open.edu 78 Sample Link
internet2.edu 87 Sample Link
nus.edu.sg 84 Sample Link
world.edu 51 Sample Link
hdm-stuttgart.de 68 Sample Link
gettysburg.edu 68 Sample Link
stanford.edu 95 Available on Request
ugm.ac.id 66 Sample Link
ui.ac.id 67 Sample Link
itb.ac.id 67 Sample Link
berkeley.edu 93 Sample Link
usc.edu 90 Sample Link
lehigh.edu 76 Sample Link
hiram.edu 57 Sample Link
barton.edu 55 Available on Request
williamjames.edu 47 Sample Link
uksw.edu 50 Sample Link

High Domain Authority Article Submission Backlinks lists

With so many requests for article submission link, I am submitting some instant article submission link. Happy publishing article and do not spam it.

Article Submission DA Sample Link
nouw.com 74 Sample Link
www.gurufocus.com 67 Sample Link
www.givology.org 61 Sample Link
www.selfgrowth.com 74 Sample Link
www.evernote.com 92 Sample Link

Thus wrapping up this post. If you have more links which have do follow backlink. Send it to us via contact form or comment to add. We will be adding those new .gov and .edu websites by giving credit to the user.

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  1. Thanks for sharing working list of .edu and .gov links. Most of important is that all . Esu and .gov links are working and updated.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great list! I had done a lot of backlinks for top dofollow pages, but forgot about the .edu and .gov. I have tested and run through my systems and most of the sites are dofollow

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