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Do you sit all day long? Here’s how much exercise you need to Stay Fit

People who follow a sedentary lifestyle usually neglect the several health risks associated with it. If you are sitting for a long period of time at work desk or spending long hours watching your favorite Netflix series, it is the high time to change it and adapt certain tips to stay fit.

Know why? Here is the answer

According to a study on sedentary lifestyle, people associated with lack of physical activity are more prone to mental health disorder.

Other than this, below are the health risks associated with sitting for a long period:

  • Lack of muscle movements makes the digestive system less efficient due to this your body starts retaining fats and sugars hence causing obesity. The excessive body fat around the waist is also because of the same reason.
  • When you sit for 8 or more hours, the insulin resistance increases rapidly hence paves a way to type -2 diabetes. 
  • Stiffness in neck and shoulders caused by long hours of sitting without any physical movement. 
  • The weakening of the gluteal muscle, a group of three muscles which made the buttocks.
  • Back and hip problems are also linked to sitting in a poor posture.

Working in a corporate world worsens the condition even more as it becomes quite difficult to exercise after reaching home. Our body is also exhausted at the end of the day because of the poor lifestyle we generally tend to follow.

According to one of the study put up in 2018,mental disorders can be easily resolved by exercising.

Experts also added that TV is another cause of unhealthy lifestyle which develops various health problems. This study observed that spending two hours continuously on watching TV has increased 23% higher chance of becoming obese.

Another study from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that people who spend 2 or more hours watching TV has increased risk of type-2 diabetes and premature death.

Although we do have an option to combat the increased health risks of sitting for a long period which is through exercising regularly. Follow at least 30minutes workout every day to get rid of the harmful effects of sedentary lifestyle. 

If you wish for better results increase the timing between 30-60 minutes with more strength training.

Now, the question arises how and when?

Don’t worry. I have got you covered. Read on and find out

You don’t need to follow some intense workout or take out time for the gym only.

Be a little smarter, split your timing into few short intervals and stick on to the following tips to stay fit at the workplace:

  • Use stairs than lift, it will help you to burn 100+ calories per day.
  • Go for a walk after eating lunch.
  • Park your car slightly away from the workplace so that you can walk for 2-3 min, increase the distance as per your comfortability.
  • Use public transport more than private to reach office.
  • Use Cycle to reach office, if you live nearby to your workplace.
  • Encourage meeting which includes walking.
  • Work on a standing desk for a few minutes, if its available.
  • Don’t sit and talk over the phone rather walk and talk.
  • Get up after every 30minutes and stretch a bit if possible.
  • Choose the longer path till washroom.

Just by following any of this basic exercise to stay fit soon you will eliminate the effects of health risks linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

You don’t need to take stress in case you were not able to complete an hour of workout at your workplace.

I have arranged a few important and fun ways of completing the remaining minutes of exercise at home.

Let’s go through various exercise to stay fit:

  • Go for a walk after dinner with your beloved ones.
  • Do not watch the entire show/movie in one go. Take a break of a few minutes in between.
  • Do minimal household work like folding laundries or keeping scattered things at their place or whatever you enjoy. Whatever you do just make sure it includes some sort of movement in the body.
  • Stretch out a bit.
  • Turn on the music and dance your heart out. 

Do you know what is the plus point of exercising at home? You are saving the valuable money that you might spend on a gym membership. Isn’t working out at home makes a great option?

Also, you don’t need to care about how you look. Put on your comfy shoes with pyjama and there you go!

You can also utilize the weekend in a fun way to stay fit and healthy. Here’s how:

  • calorie count.
  • Playing some outdoor sport of your choice will be the best for a weekend getaway.
  • Go shopping at a mall, it will also include the total amount of workout essential for you to follow every day.
  • Go for a morning walk early in the morning.
  • Brisk walking also works well.
  • Take out 15-20 minutes and ride a bicycle.
  • Switch to YouTube and you will find numerous tutorials of how to exercise at home along with the health professionals. Isn’t is the most fun way of staying fit? 
  • There are plenty of health-related apps which also provides ways to exercise at home to keep yourself healthy.

Apart from this, eating the right food is also equally important and beneficial to keep you fit and healthy. 

Have a look at some of the food items that you should add and say a big no to!

  • Do not eat highly processed and unhealthy junk food as they add to the health risks even more.
  • Drink plenty of water which makes your stomach full for a longer period of time and keeps your body well hydrated.
  • Add some fun to the taste of water by squeezing a fresh lemon into it. Avoid adding sugar to make it sweet instead add honey in a moderate amount.
  • Eat nutritious food as a snack like yogurts, nuts and a variety of seasonal fruits.
  • Have a diet enriched with different veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes etc. every day to reduce the risks of many chronic diseases and promote healthy heart, blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Other alternative includes coconut water, buttermilk or fresh and natural juice. 
  • Juicing is a great way to obtain various nutrients in a glass.
  • Drink cold-pressed juice as it has the presence of live enzymes and other nutrients which keeps you fit and healthy. Cold-pressed juice is able to preserve extra health benefits compared to regular juice.
  • Juicing is a great way to consume fruits or veggies that you might hate to eat in other ways if done properly.

Either you choose cold-pressed juice or regular juice make sure the juice is of good quality and taste. 

Pro tip: No matter if you are under some medications or not, do not forget to discuss with your dietician/nutritionist prior to adding any juices/fruits as a part of everyday diet. 

Follow the discussed tips to stay fit and eat the right kind of food. I can assure you that you will remain fresh and energetic even at the end of the day.

Final thoughts:

Now that you understand the importance of getting up and moving your body. Keep all the excuses aside and follow any of the discussed tips to stay fit at workplace or home.

Exercise and eating right goes hand in hand. Eating the right food at the right time with the right amount of exercise makes you stronger and healthier.

No need to follow an intense workout regime only a moderate workout can do wonder for your health if you spend long hours sitting.

Always keep in mind, even if you are physically very active and spending a lot of time exercising but still sitting for long hours, it is of no use and you are risking to several health problems the same way.

Therefore, all you need is to cut down the time spend on sitting. Sneak out the time in between your work or at home possibly after every 30 minutes. Do stretching and make some movement in your body and lead an active lifestyle.

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
Born libra, likes to lead from the front. Digital Marketing & Technology is his strength. He has pursued engineering. Travelling to new places & writing is his idea of fun. In his free time (if he gets some that is), he is seen donning the chef's hat at home.


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