List of Defense Weapons You Can Make at Home


defense weaponsWhen it comes to defending yourself, having the right weapons is necessary. But sometimes, we do not have the luxury of having a weapon to defend ourselves with in case of emergencies. In those cases, the best thing you can do is improvise. With all the items lying around at home, there is a good chance that you can create a makeshift weapon that can help you defend yourself and your loved ones.

Knowing how to create your own improvised weapons at home should be one of the important survival tips that you need to know. Here are some crafty defense weapons that you can make to protect yourself.

Pepper Spray

If you have an empty perfume or water sprayer, some chili and ground peppers, and some water, then you can make your own improvised pepper spray in less than an hour. Having this ensures you that your attacker will be left stunned and confused, buying you enough time to run away and call your local authorities.

Bow and Arrow

Creating your own compound bow made out of household materials is actually pretty simple. All you need to have are some PVC pipes, some aluminum cans, some metal rods, and elastic cables. With these items, you now have a bow and arrow set that can help fend off wild animals and dangerous people with good accuracy.

Sling Shot

A playground classic, a slingshot is another reliable weapon you can make at home. Most of the materials you need to make one can be found inside your house tool dispenser. You can use PVC or metal tubes to form the base of your slingshot, and then get some heavy duty rubber bands or elastic cables. Making one will take you less than an hour.

For ammunition, you can use rocks and pebbles, or you can use any solid round-shaped object. A slingshot is effective to keep intruders and other unwanted people at bay.


Much like the bow and arrow, a crossbow is another effective ranged weapon you can make at home. Although making one may be more complex than making a bow and arrow, the materials you need are very much similar. You can use wood or metal for the base structure, and get some elastic cables. You can use metal rods, and sharpen them enough to use them as bolts. A crossbow is simpler to use compared to a bow and arrow, although making one may take longer.


Having a close range weapon comes in really handy in emergency situations, be it using one to defend yourself, or to get some obstructions out of the way. Making your own axe is simple, all you need are some metal or PVC pipes (wood can be used as well), metal that can be sharpened (or you can get a saw blade), and some adhesives to keep the blade in place.

Having your own weapon at home can be really handy in emergency situations, whether it is home invaders, or people who want to loot your home after a natural calamity. With these weapons, you can make sure that you have what you need to defend yourself in those dire situations.