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Top Courses After 12th for Science Students with PCM, PCB & PCMB0

Teenage years are some of the most turbulent years of life wherein one goes through a lot of emotional and hormonal changes which often become the defining traits of the person’s character in his/her latter years. You go through a lot in your teenage years, from emotional roller-coasters to coming to terms with growing up and taking up responsibilities. Teenage is the time when you decide on your future and the career you want to get an early start for the career of your liking.

Matriculation and Intermediate are the two major milestones in your education wherein you decide the areas of study you are most comfortable with and want to pursue. More often than not, it is the choices made during this period that affect your future career paths and opportunities later on in life.

Deciding your career path at this immature stage of one’s life is not the most ideal thing to do but with the help of your friends and family, students are able to go for careers that are the most suitable to their aptitude. The final goal may differ a lot from what one believes one’s career path to be but without embarking on this journey, one cannot reach the intended destination down the line. 

Choosing Science at intermediate level after 12th Class in India to make Career

Students at intermediate level have several options. They can either choose streams between science, commerce, arts or go for a training programme right after their matriculation which is equivalent to 10+2 course.

  • Choosing science at intermediate opens up a lot of opportunities for students to choose a career that suits their aptitude after 12th. One can pick anything among a plethora of options ranging from going for a degree in arts, commerce or science or they may even take up technical education or go for professional degrees which offer limitless employment opportunities upon completion.
  • Students can go for multiple courses or even switch streams completely as science at intermediate level gives them the qualification to enrol for a number of courses and apply for a number of employment opportunities both in public and private sectors.
  • Taking up science as a stream at intermediate level provides a number of options within the stream itself. Students who wish to pursue medicine can choose to give up Mathematics as a subject and focus solely on science subjects which gives them the time and space to prepare for entrance exams for the most prestigious universities offering an undergraduate degree in medicine.
  • Students can take up Mathematics along with Physics and Chemistry which would help them secure admission to some of the best engineering colleges and universities in India.

One can also pursue both Mathematics and Biology at the same time to have a more secure position and can choose from the best available options at the end of their intermediate.

One can mix and match whatever subjects one has interest in apart from the core 4 subjects necessary for admission into an undergraduate course based on one’s aptitude.

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Pursuing Technical Education After 12th Class in India to get best career options

Science stream allows one to pursue technical education right after intermediate. Technical education in India is one of the best ways of landing a job and furthering your career. Technical education is governed in India by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). AICTE oversees the quality of technical education in India and affiliates colleges and Universities to introduce courses related technical education.

  • AICTE governs technical education in engineering, technology, pharmacy, architecture, hotel management, catering technology, management studies, computer applications, arts and crafts and much more.
  • Science in 12th allows one to follow all these courses after intermediate as the students are eligible to pursue any of these courses and one can easily find a course that suits their aptitude.
  • Technical courses are the most pursued courses in India and allow students to find a stable career path and job opportunities in their area of interest and expertise. Science in 12th is the easiest way to be eligible for a technical education and create your career path.

Technical courses after 12th are in demand and provide great job prospects. These courses also open up a lot of opportunities for a student to either change their career, their area of expertise and provides them with enough knowledge and skills that they can start their own business and become entrepreneurs pursuing their own passion and dreams.

Making Professional Education After 12th Class in India to get Best Jobs

One can also choose to switch streams and go for professional courses that provide students with professional training and education and help them become professionals who are high in demand in their respective fields.

  • One can easily switch from science to commerce courses and go for professional courses like Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. These professional courses do not require as much financial investment as technical courses but allow students to build a bright career with great growth opportunities.
  • These professional courses are always in high demand and the professionals some of the most sought after people in the finance sector. Multinational companies, firms, banks all require the services of these professionals and as such there is no shortage of career opportunities.
  • Law is another option available to students who have completed their 12thin science. Pursuing law allows the students to build a career in one of the most important fields of life. Law allows students to either enter the judicial branch of government or play an active role in imparting justice to the downtrodden. 
  • Corporations and firms also require services of qualified lawyers to comply with the various laws of the nation. As a lawyer one works in close contact with the law of the land and seeks to continuously find ways to help their clients.

Pursuing professional courses are another option for students take up science in their intermediate. These courses do not require as much financial investment as technical educations and allows the students to choose a professional career which gives enough room for growth and great career opportunities.

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Pursuing Medical After 12th Class in India after PCM

Medicine is one of the most pursued courses in the country. Millions of students compete for admissions into the premier medical colleges and become a doctor after 5 years of rigorous studies. Medical education in government run hospitals and colleges are one of the cheapest courses in the country and sought after by millions of students.

  • Prestigious institutions like AIIMS charge minimal fees for educating and training doctors in one of the best hospitals in the country allowing students to learn from the best in the best environment possible.
  • Medical education is one of the surest way of building a stable career and stable future. Once enrolled in a medical course, one can be assured of a stable income and growth opportunities in life due to the sheer demand of doctors in a country like India with a population of over 120 crores. 

Millions of students pick science as their intermediate stream with hopes of becoming doctors who will be able to contribute to the society. Medical profession is one most sought after professions in the country and it all starts with choosing science as a stream in class 12th.

Going for Masters After 12th Class in India

With the ever increasing competition and number of qualified students rising every year, pursuing masters has become the choice of hundreds of thousands of students to make them stand apart and above the crowd.

  • Universities in India offer masters in numerous disciplines and one can choose a masters course as per one’s liking and whatever suits their aptitude the best. Postgraduate courses see students change their streams, career paths and sometime even disregard their undergraduate degree all together using it merely as a means to get admission into the postgraduate course of their liking.
  • Students who choose to pursue masters in a course of their liking are only capable of doing so because they had science as their stream in intermediate as numerous postgraduate courses require one to be proficient in science subjects at least till intermediate level.
  • Class 12th is a major turning point in life and requires students to plan for as far as 10-15 years in future and thus one must choose a stream that provides the most options and opportunities later on in life. A 12th certificate from arts or commerce stream severely limits options later on in life.

Science stream on the other hand allows students to either keep pursuing science or switch to other courses which are more suited to their aptitude. Numerous courses which provide a great career path and growth opportunities require science or related subjects either at undergraduate or intermediate level elevating the importance of science at class 12th to a whole new level.

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