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Various Role of Dentist and Types of Dentist Specialties

A dentist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treats the diseases of the teeth and gums. And helps you maintain oral hygiene and health. Continuity of dental visit helps in caring maintaining the efficiency of the teeth. A person must visit the dentist twice a year even if there is no sign of problems as it helps in diagnosing any health issues that may arise in future.

What is the Role of a Dentist?

Dentists specialize in oral health and take the responsibilities of dental problems towards the patient. The roles of the dentist are explained below.

  1. Promoting oral health
  2. Diagnosing Oral diseases and preventing from the diseases.
  3. Treatments plan to maintain oral health or restoring oral health.
  4. Clarify the problems in teeth by X-rays and diagnostic tests.
  5. Ensuring the safety level administration of anesthetics
  6. Monitoring and analyzing the development and damage levels of the teeth and jaws
  7. Performing surgeries if required.
  8. Prescribing medicines for treatment
  9. Identifying the problems that may arise in future.
  10. A dentist will treat the potential risks of complications in teeth such as prolonged bleeding, pain, infection terms and hematomas.

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What are the types of the dentist are available and their specialties?

Our smile needs more care in overall health, precaution from an accident, heredity and some more reasons. The dentist is qualified to treat for the diagnosis and specially qualified in radiologist and surgeon. Here are types of the dentist and their specialists are explained.

types of dentist
  • Endodontist: An endodontist is specialized in treating the issues within the tooth. Inside our teeth are covered with the tiny cavern passages. Canals passages contain the sensitive tissue, blood vessels, and nerves joint from the teeth.
  • Oral Surgeon: He treats complex problems of the hard and soft tissue of the mouth, jaw, and face via surgery. Besides these treatments, they are administered for all levels of sedation. They are also named as the maxillofacial surgeon. The oral surgeons’ treatment includes of corrective jaw surgery, Cleft lip or palate, and tooth extraction.
  • Orthodontist: They are specialist in aligning the teeth and jaws. Orthodontist dentist are specialized in the treatment of aligning or repairing the overbite, crossbite and underbite teeth. Mostly this specialist treatment is recommended for children.
  • Pediatric dentist: Pediatric dentists are specializing in oral development and care for children.  The dentists help for the child to stay with a healthy smile on the path to a lifelong. They provide the counseling for the children who are affected by thumb sucking, dirty cavities filed in teeth and diagnosis of the oral condition.
  • Periodontist: Periodontal dentists are specialized in treating the gum problem. They focus on the treatment of prevention and diagnosis to prevent gum from diseases. Gums are the structure to support the teeth, treating the early stage of gum disease will give better results than the highly affected disease to surgery.
  • Prosthodontist: Prosthodontics dentists are specialized in the treatment of replacement. They focus on the restoring and the replacement of lost or damaged teeth. They have a unique understanding of dental treatment to give a beautiful, natural smile by functionally attached teeth.

For best oral health you should visit the dentist regularly and keep the smile in sight. Most dentists pursue their profession to provide the opportunity to make a difference in your lives so, don’t be afraid, don’t worry and don’t get stressed because of the dental problems Just find the right dentist for your treatment and are and to avoid dental issues.

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