Colourful Festivals of Kerala


List of festivals in Kerala

Life is not only about getting rich and having amenities; it is a celebration. Moments seem less in joy and unbearable in hard times, so enjoy life to the fullest. Talking of celebration, the first thing hit our mind is the colourful festivals. India is known for numerous festivals in all the season, from Makar sankranti to Diwali, we have endless occasions to cherish.

For all those who love to celebrate festivals and could not hold their zeal during festive season, should once visit Kerala to witness the epic display of culture.

  • Onam- The traditional festival of Kerala

The harvest festival of Kerala is marked by the homecoming of the King Mahabali, who was the ancient emperor of Kerala. Also, it is celebrated to commemorate the Lord Vamana, who was said to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This 10- day festival, falls between the month of August and September and involves Kathakali dance, music, delicious dishes, indoor and outdoor games. Major attractions of the festival are Tiger Play, Flower Rangoli, Thumbi Thullal and Onasadya.

Onam Festival Kerala

  • Vishu

According to Malyalam calendar, this festival is celebrated on the first day of the year which falls in the month of April. This unique festival is mainly enjoyed in home with the specific ‘Pooja’ performed by the whole family. A night before pooja, ‘Kani-kanal’ is prepared which is offered to Lord Vishnu in early morning. Major attraction of the festival is the fireworks done in the evening.

  • Kerala boat Festival

This untraditional festival is a unique one which can only be witnessed in ‘god’s own country’. Kerala is known for its backwater beauty, which is further enhanced by the traditional and beautiful houseboats and boats. Annually, in between the month of July to September, boat races are organized in different backwaters of Kerala. These races are enthralling and marked by thousands of visitors, who enthusiastically cheer the participants and team. Some famous boat races are Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Alleppey and Champakulam Moolam Boat Race at Alappuzha.

  • Theyyam

This festival is the perfect exhibition of culture and tradition of Kerala. Theyyam is 800-year old festival which is highly awaited by the locals and tourists of Kerala. One could visualize around 400 types of cultural dance during this festival. These dances are enthralling to watch, one could not resist their charm. Dancers are initially adorned with colours, mask and flowers and then they dance and self- torture themselves. Some major dance types are Kari Chamundi, Raktha Chamundi and Muchilottu Bhagavathi.

  • Pongal

Attukal Pongal is a very popular traditional festival of Kerala. This festival is celebrated by the women of the state. Interestingly, this precious occasion holds a name in Guinness book of world record for holding largest female crowd annually. During this festival, women wear beautiful new dresses, bangles etc and gather at the Attukal Devi Temple in Trivandrum to worship Attukal Devi.

Colourful festivals are the best time to visit any place, to know the culture of the state much better. This year, plan a trip and checkout few good Kerala tour packages around the time of festivals, to experience the utmost pleasure.