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Best Classical yet Beautiful Staircases To improve Home Interior

Are you ready to engage yourself in the exciting world of staircase redesign or renovation? A Klassieke trap made from wood will complete your classic interior. Nothing looks as natural and delightful as classic, wooden stairs. Upstairs is the specialist in renovating classic staircases.

Wooden stairs – classic through and through!

Nothing overshadows the natural and warm look of wood. So, make sure to consider Klassieke trap covering when you redesign a classic staircase. If you have chosen a modern interior for your home then light-colored pine staircase suits well top your interior whilst dark oak looks great in a classic interior.

A Klassieke trap is a chic staircase

If you want a classic staircase that immediately stands out because of its eye-catching materials then, choose a classic staircase covering in stylish leather. Furthermore, this looks dazzling in classic interiors that may give off a hint of apathy.

How to choose which service provider is best and can assist you with its fullest?

  • They provide you with free estimation and design consultations.
  • AutoCAD drawings whenever requested and required
  • How to check for the best service? Once there work got completed will they leave all the cutting work or building things unfinished or make you available with complete installation and finished stair and railing systems.
  • Availability of wood stair parts.
  • Railing components, such as newel posts, wood and metal railings and volutes
  • Stainless steel and glass rail systems

These basic instructions on how to frame a trapdoor opening and install stairs,

Frame the Opening

Make sure the corners are square, when framing the opening. This will maintain an even gap around the frame for wedging.

Cut and Position the Support Blocks

On cutting three support blocks, now cover up the blocks by placing each one of them at place and position nail one in place and other at each end.

Attach the Stairs

To install the stairs, two people needed in order to hold the staircase in the frame of the stair door and have another person go in the loft to attach the stairs.

Secure the Frame and Shims

Drill pilot holes through the wedge. This will keep the wedge in place and also prevent the frame from bending.

Do your old stairs need a make-over but you worried about cutting or building work in your house? Contact Klassieke trap maker and their experts will help you get on track with advice on colors and materials.

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