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Celebrating Morocco’s Colorful Nightlife with Virikson

For sure with some certain things, Morocco is having colorful nightlife scene where lanterns lit the streets with its white light, cool discos with live music. From Agadir’s perfect blend of lounge bars to Marrakech’s vibrant Djemma el Fna square, this country has a number of the most different nightspots in the world. So, if you’re planning for a Moroccan get-together this year we have arranged some of the best places for a night of celebrations.

Marrakesh’s Nightlife:

With the sun sinks, the night starts within this charming country where a square that comes alive as the Medina area of Marrakech, exactly the place when dusk falls. Djemma el Fna Square has street entertainers, live music, acrobats (which all offer a carnival-like setting) and snake charmers, making this the city’s focal point. Grouped along Avenue Mohammed V round Abdel Moumen ben Ali you’ll discover in most of Marrakech’s bars.

Visualize for some time that you are watching the sunset as you sip on a fruit-based cocktail from a Raid roof, of course, this will not be your typical drinking experience, right? Kosybar is a famous choice for an under-the-stars cocktail. And if you’re a wine fan then the bar’s broad wine list won’t dissatisfy you. Otherwise, try Le Churchill located secret La Mamounia, which is rated as one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. Named after its utmost well-known guest, Winston Churchill, this is one of the smartest bars in the whole of Marrakech with its 1930’s jazz feel.

Most probably what you’re thinking, does Marrakech have any nightclubs? Well, obviously, there are. Morocco has a range of nightclubs located in venues just outside town or in Hivernage hotels. Pacha Marrakech is one of the great where it is situated on Avenue Mohammed VI and we recommend it because we personally experience it. It still pulls in its fair share of clubbers, although it may not live up to Ibiza’s well-known Pacha nightclub.

This club can take in about the capacity of 3,000, a famous DJ set-up and a pool bar are included in its setup. This club will keep you and your friends coming back for more. But you’ll often discover that the club is much eventful on a weekend as it fills with worldwide parties ready to party their weekend away. A huge part of the city’s charm has now Marrakech nightlife, with more party-goers hitting its posh lounge bars for all-Moroccan parties.

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Agadir’s Nightlife:

I am sure about Agadir that it may not offer a Dubai-sized party, but eventually, if you’re looking for somewhat more discreet, you won’t go wrong with this beachfront city area.

If you’re looking for a drink in your morocco holidays, then you can find a number of restaurants along the city’s busy paths where travelers can stop for a cocktail or maybe for two. But if you want to experience a real Moroccan drinking with soft pillow-seating areas, minimal lighting, sunken floors, and upbeat music, it is suggested for you pay rue du Oued Souss and boulevard du 20 Août visits as this is the place to be and be seen in Agadir. Here you’ll find the Jockey Bar, the bars Central English Pub and L’Orange Bleu which are all great for late-night drinking in your cheap morocco holidays.

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