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How to Celebrate Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

A 5th wedding anniversary that marks your graduation from being newlyweds to solidify your marriage commitment for the many years to come.


There are certain symbols associated with the 5th wedding anniversary.

  • Traditional gift: This is ‘wood’. It represents the solidity and strength of your marriage. Wood is long lasting and strong.
  • Modern gift: It is ‘silver ware’. It reminds you both of the time you spent together, the meals you shared and the kids you are raising.
  • Gemstones: these are pink tourmaline and sapphire.
  • Colours: They are turquoise, pink and blue.
  • Flower: Daisy. These lovely little flowers represent loyal affection, innocence and purity.

Top 13 Ideas to Celebrate the Wedding Anniversary

  1. Plant together a tree. You can plant one in the church, your kid’s school, park or yard.
  • An oak tree symbolizes solidity.
  • A pine tree stands for evergreen life
  • A maple tree with flaming red flowers, indicates the blazing passion you have for each other
  • Eternal love is symbolized by a flowering crab tree.
  1. Toast one another with glasses of champagne and express the wish that your love prospers like the trees.
  2. Buy tickets for theatre, concert, sporting event, movies or shows, which you can attend as a couple.
  3. Take some professional photos of you both or your family: it is a great way to capture the images of this stage in your life. If you have kids, take photos of your whole family. Blow up the photos and enclose in attractive, wooden frames or scrapbooks.
  4. Upgrade rings: On completing five years, you might desire a new set of rings. Wives in particular may want to get another stone or to enhance a solitary ring.
  5. Revive memories of your honeymoon: Check into the same hotel or share a meal at the same restaurant. In case you never had a honeymoon, this is your big chance. Organize a weekend getaway or holiday in some locations near your first home.
  6. Renew vows: If you did not have a grand wedding in the first place, you might like to host a grand second wedding where you will renew your wedding vows before friends and family you have accumulated by now.
  7. Night out on the town: Wear your best clothing and head downtown. Enjoy night life in your city, arm in arm. Catch a movie, play, or just stroll around.
  8. Candle light dinners: Organize a special romantic dinner at home. Cook your favourite recipe or try something new. Set the mood with music, candle light and a baby sitter for your kids.
  9. Relive memories: Bring out your wedding video and photo albums to remind you about your wedding day.
  10. Re-arrange your home: This is a much fun filled project.
  • Change the looks and style of your bedroom
  • Upgrade kitchen or any other area of your home
  • Get someone to build a wooden gazebo
  1. Gift each other wooden crafts. He can present you with anew wood patio and you can gift him a wooden sculpture.
  2. Buy a new set of silver ware for the two of you which can be used for formal dinners.

If you are creative, you will not face a problem in getting ideas to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary. Don’t forget basic details like to order anniversary cake online India. For other details, you can think out of the box to come up with brilliant ideas.

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