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5 Prep Strategies to crack Cat 2022 during the final hours

The Common Admission Test (CAT 2020) is just a few months away. As the authorities have announced the final date for the examination, i.e. 29 November 2020, many of the aspirants are in their final stage of preparations. “It’s important how well you sharpen your axe, but it’s equally important to use that in the right way”.

Aspirants who are willing to take CAT 2020, these four months are crucial months for their preparation. In this article, we will discuss some effective last-minute preparation strategies to crack this exam. So, if you are still thinking about how to prepare in these final hours, then stay tuned and let us help you overcome the challenges CAT 2020.

5 Strategies to crack CAT 2022

Let’s explore the prep strategies to ace the CAT 2020 exam below:

1.   Start preparing early

We don’t wake up on time until the time itself punches directly on our faces. There are only a few people who start preparing quite early. One must start at least a year before, ideally. This will help to cover most topics and adequate time to revise.

But most of the other aspirants wake up when there are just 4-5 months left. If you are also the one who has just woken up and now want to start running like a pro, don’t worry. All you have to do is to keep calm and continue reading. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Also, do Yoga every day to eliminate fear and anxiety at the time of the CAT 2020 examination.

2.   How many hours should you study for CAT 2022?

As you can see that the countdown has begun with CAT 2020 is just 113 days away. It’s time to gear up and run as fast as you can. But before starting running, it’s essential to analyze the track and your current situation. There is no ideal time of study that anyone can prescribe. You can devote 15-20 hours a week during the initial days and can increase it gradually.

3.   Understanding the concept of percentile

If you are starting your preparation in August, then it is essential to understand various concepts about percentile. Percentage and Percentile are not correlated terms. You have to understand the fact that 100 percentile does not mean 100 per cent marks or every question correct.

Percentile means the number of people behind you. For example, If your percentile is 99, then it merely means that 99 people are behind you. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the concepts of percentile before you dive deeper into the marks secured in mocks and actual tests.

4.   Know your syllabus

The next thing is to know the complete syllabus and paper pattern. To know about the complete CAT 2020 syllabus visit here. Get a detailed insight into the syllabus and paper pattern.

5.   Month wise preparation plan for CAT 2022

For the aspirants who are just starting with their preparation, it is essential to have a proper month-wise strategy to prepare for the examination. Let’s have a look at the month-wise preparation strategy for CAT 2020.

August- Mid September- Building Strong Foundations

The objective of these 45 days is to gain complete knowledge and familiarity with the topics, concepts, and the questions that the CAT has. From August till mid of September, the focus should be more on all the topics of the exam, i.e. Quantitative Ability, Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension. Take out enough time to go through the concepts thoroughly and then apply them to the questions. These 45 days should be used to the fullest:

  • Learn all the concepts thoroughly.
  • Apply them to a variety of questions.
  • Analyze the questions carefully.
  • Take a topic-wise test to access your accuracy.

Note: During the initial 30 days focus more on concept building and application. Also, while testing those concepts in tests focus more on approaching the right answer choice instead of time. Once you develop a strategy to solve questions, the amount of time taken will automatically be reduced.

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Mid-September & October- Revision Phase

These two months are most crucial for the preparation for CAT 2020. In these two months you can turn tables around if handled in the right way. From Mid-September till October, it is crucial to work on strategy, continuous revisions, and full-length mocks. Give at least two mock tests every week.

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Analyze the mock tests more carefully and precisely to get a sneak peek into the areas where you lag. One can check the performance in a particular section or topic by giving sectional and topic-wise mock tests. Full-length mock tests help to analyze the similar situation and work accordingly. Analyze your performance and work on your strengths and weaknesses during these 45 days.

November- The Final Shot

The last 28 days before the actual CAT 2020 exam are the most critical days. One should increase the frequency of mock tests by three to four per week.

Now, the time has come for selective revision and taking every mock test like an actual test. After every test, analyze them thoroughly. Look for the problems that persist and try to eliminate them. Working towards things selectively and giving 100% is very important to ace the journey.

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The Final D-Day

29 November 2021 will be the day for showcasing your hard-work, smart strategies, and your efforts. Take a perfect sleep and reach the examination hall before time. Staying calm in the situation is difficult for the initial few minutes, but it is essential to be patient while answering questions. Don’t let your anxiety ruin the non-stop efforts of your preparation.

If you have the will, then you will crack CAT 2021. All you have to do is to be consistent and strive for better every day. Don’t be afraid of the results. If you give your 100% and you’ll pass with flying colours after the examination. After all, no fear is more significant than the will to win. Start your hustle, strive for your dream to crack CAT 2020. Also, so stay tuned for updates on

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