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Career Opportunities After Pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration in India

Through the humble degree of Business Administration, you can actually venture into the professional life of your dreams. If you have just completed the BBA course from a recognised university, you can not only start your career, but also use it as a great catalyst to move forward with your Masters in Business Administration. 

Career After BBA in India

Bachelors of Business Administration degree is versatile, competitive and informative. The course aims at grooming the students through a number of different subjects, focusing on the art of entrepreneurship, ownership, liable ethics and market strategy. You can complete the degree in four or fewer years of full-time study. 

The degree offers a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of an organisation. Students enrolled in the program can develop practical, communication and managerial skills through various levels of exams conducted and training offered. Graduates can pride themselves with the acquirement of general education, humanities and social science studies. 

Salary constraints of a BBA graduate:

A BBA fresher can earn upto Rs 234,275/- per annum. According to statisticians, after an experience of 5-9 years, the salary can reach upto Rs 571,510/- per annum. 

Here are some of the career opportunities that open up once you complete your Bachelor of Business Administration:

1. Accountant: Accountants prepare the numbers of the company and are required to ensure tax operations, employee compensation and overall funding of the company. They work for the company and are liable for the “money department” of it. Students possessing a degree of BBA and a major in finance can take up the career of an accountant. The average salary of an accountant in India is INR 248,146. 

2. Financial Advisor: Much like accountants, financial advisors stay on the front lines of a company’s monetary structure and ensure the subversion of healthy and prudent policies on the company. Financial advisors do not work in the scut area of taxation or employee compensation. They work in the advisory role of the company and look over the investment portfolio of the company. Companies require financial advisors to manage and locate their profits and disposable income. Average salary of a financial advisor is INR 367, 028. 

3. Marketer: A marketer directs, plans and coordinates marketing efforts for business at every level of its operation. From developing a strategy to maximize profit, to determine the demand markets for goods, a marketer does it all, and with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you can do it too. 

4. Commodities Trader: A commodities trader buys and sells commodities via contracts. They organize transactions and further analyze the demand markets to derive maximum profit for the company. With the blessing of the degree, you can acquire the talent to become a detail-oriented trader with a sharp understanding of business and economics. 

5. Human Resources: Human Resource Managers ensure the happiness, safety and security of the employees. They hire new employees, as well as maintaining employee records, payroll and scheduling sheet. They also counsel and discipline employees, ensuring that the company’s assets are secured once they leave the building. 

6. Loan Officer: Loan officers work to evaluate, authorize and recommend denials or approvals of loans to business and people. They work hard in accessing the credit capabilities of a personnel/business. People who are keen on financing and are generally good with accessing risk management make for the best loan officers. 

7. Real Estate Agent: Real Estate Agent help others in buying, selling and renting properties. These agents are vital for a flourishing economy, as they get customers the hottest deals available in the real estate arena. Getting a bachelor’s degree is a good step towards becoming a real estate agent, however, you must clear a licensing exam to become a certified agent. 

8. Manager: Manager is required at every level of business to run things smoothly. As managers are in charge of anything and everything, it is vital that students of BBA achieve the practical knowledge required to assume the responsibilities of a manager. However, you can enter the building with a degree as sound as Bachelor of Business Administration. 

9. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs organize and operate businesses. They can either create new businesses or take over operation from any other individual. Long gone are the days when you can just take over the work from your father, now entrepreneurship requires every stone turned. From establishing social media to acquiring a business sense, a degree of Business Administration can push you in the perfect zone of being a boss. 

10. Business Administrator: A business administrator ensures the effective and efficient functioning of a venture, by placing themselves directly in the middle of the daily functioning of corporate operation. The business administrator acts as a link between management and grass-root people of the organization. They also oversee the daily operations and make sure that the business is meeting its goals in a timely fashion. 

As markets get stricter and the competition increases, it is vital that people realize the value of determining most of their hard-earned degrees. Hope these options will be worth your while. 

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