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Business Strategy Professionals: Setting the rules of the Game

When the topic of discussion, is based on the foundations of a Startup we need to keep in mind a little more than that, which meets the eye. The first point to be considered is the fact that such bootstrapping, fledgling companies do not have the luxury of either time or money at their disposal. This leads for their CFOs and CEOs to prepare a viable strategy that encompasses the aspects of feasibility. Thence, begins the quest for recruiting Business Strategy Professionals as normal employees who will then be endowed with the responsibility of shaping the plans that will eventually have an effect, hopefully, a positive one, on the prospects of productivity. Having said that, shouldn’t be mistaken with assuming that the universal laws of the respective industry wouldn’t be applied to and included in the Startups business strategy. The people in-charge would be taken in confidence. The fabric of the company, which is embedded in its’ ethos, would formulate for the DNA of the newly prepared business strategy consulting firms. By that, it is simply meant to be suggested that various business partners working alongside major technology service providers, will be consulted during the process of decision making as well.

As far as this happens to be the case with the Startups of today, it is only advisable to have a look at the Big businesses as well. If studies by major research firms are anything to go by, it is projected that there will be a major shift in the operational patterns of an organization, due to the plans that will be suggested by well-trained Professionals. Till now, the neglected Human resource departments would also be leveraged for the same purpose. Companies, where there were reportedly a lesser number of people in the talent management wing, will also make part of preparing a viable business strategy. These strategies would then go ahead to accord a competitive edge to the company.

It is also expected that as the digital technology while beckoning help from cloud services, computationally intelligent algorithms of Big Data Analytics, the reach of mobile phones and social media, the maximum number of technologies would still be sourced from service providers (vendors) and partners. Moreover, it would be the job of those Business Strategy Professionals, to weave a cobweb of planning that will gravitate around the technologies that are in use.

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