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Top 10 Indian Business Bloggers & Website to Follow in 2020

Indian Business BloggersIndia’s untapped business potential is now getting a pedestal and have started  being an area of exploration during the tenure of BJP government which is happening till now. The Make in India campaign was announced by PM Modi in 2014 and consequently the movement of young entrepreneurs in India has considerably increased. With Startup India Campaign in 2015, the campaign got momentum as now Government gives loans to young entrepreneurs with the following three pillars as its base:

  1.    Simplification and Handholding.
  2.    Funding Support and Incentives.
  3.    Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation.

With government backing businesses, this gives hope to Indians business blogger who wanted to start their own ventures. But there is a difference between, having an idea for starting a business and running a business successfully. For that, you need to research your idea well, learn the tactics of the art of entrepreneurship and so on. This era of information flowing anywhere and everywhere, everything is at the touch or click. Business Blogging is a new trend, where different people pitch in ideas and advice on various topics and of a wide range.

So, similarly, we also find various business blogs and websites talking about tips and tricks and much more about how to run a business. Let’s find out top 10 Indian business blogs and websites for Entrepreneurship.

Let’s Read list of 10 Indian business bloggers in 2020:

  1. YourStory

Founded by Shraddha Sharma in the year 2010, the blog basically talks about the topics related to Entrepreneurship and Business guidelines. The blog reflects the woman power; it is ranked on Alexa at 6604. The business blogger cover stories of women entrepreneurs and a separate column/ section are given to it within along with inspirational stories of different leaders. The blog can also be read in 12 Indian languages (correspondents throughout India, but functions primarily from Bengaluru, Karnataka) well as in English. They have not only entrepreneurs with information but also provided them with funding opportunities. The host a startup summit as well called TechSparks which is now in its 8th year; their other events are MobileSparks and Bhasha which offer ideas and mentoring about particular niche of the entrepreneurs.

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Founded by Arun Prabhudesai who was an America return, in 2007 and the business blog revolves solely around India. When once asked about the reason behind the blog, Arun said that India has a lot of potentials but what it lacks i.e. the proper guidance and that what he says is the main drive behind his venture. His blog comes under the class of the most read business blogs. Apart from this, his blog also covers the latest trends in technology in India.

The rank of according to is 35215.

  1. Jagoinvestor

To fuel any business idea or any ongoing business, what does one need? FINANCE. Finance plays a major part in any business and is very fundamental. Founded by Manish Chauhan, Jagoinvestor was launched in 2007. This business blogger posts, a must read if you’ve queries or you’re in need of ideas about financial planning, investing and money saving, this is your must visit. It is even helpful for not having a business background but simply inquisitive about how to plan, invest and save their money.

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  1. ShoutMeLoud

Your business isn’t whole unless it’s ONLINE. A time when everything is on internet, even businesses which are purely based on website as their product not even concrete offices, online is your go to. Founded by Harsh Agrawal in the year 2008 and the rank of his blog on Alexa is 4929. Their mission is: Helping You Be Your Own Boss, this makes it affirmative that the blog will deliver what has been promised- to make you your own boss by helping you create your business a place online. By signing up, you can receive direct emails on how to blog and digital market your product. His blog with help you build your business blog from SEO to how to make your blog profitable.

  1. Capitalmind

For a business, the stock market is crucial. Someone having no knowledge about it can be in a deep pit. But Capitalmind comes to the rescue. Founded by Deepak Shenoy, the blog provides with in-depth analysis and basic knowledge, both of the stock market and also sheds light on investments and savings.

  1. AbhishekRungta’s Blog

With surging rates in no of startups along with on-going businesses, the task is to be innovative and out of the league, when comes to business strategies, as they hold the key to the success of your business. Abhishek’s blog does exactly that for you, revolves around, internet marketing, business development strategies, work productivity as well as how to make your blog a success.

  1. People at Work and Play

An integral part of any business is its workforce and the relationship which they share amongst. A not so satisfied staff will either underperform or not perform at all. Employee-employer dynamics play a big role and hence, needs to be under consideration. Founded by Prem Rao, People at Work and Play is an amalgamation of startup blogs which talks about how important are people and the relationship which they share is fundamental to the work community. His blog gives you ideas on how to empower those relationships with the entrepreneur and his team and, also within the team and so on.

  1. Buyer Behaviour

The consumer is everything to a business, and the existence of a business drops down to zero if it has no consumer. There can be no supply without demand, hence nullifying the purpose of your business, Founder of the Buyer Behaviour business blog, Professor Ray Titus divulge the complexities and necessities to understand consumer behaviour and also how your marketing decisions will affect the consumption of your product/service. This exciting blog cover topics like patterns of consumer spending, innovative marketing campaigns, and advertising.

  1. Neil Patel

His name is enough to tell what’s next is. He is the oldest and most popular Business blogger of INDIA. The best advice is given to the upcoming businesses and entrepreneur. He is also New York Times bestselling author which isn’t the only nail in the coffin when comes to the list of his achievements. He is the founder of KissMetrics, QuickSprout, and website run by his own name ( He has helped the big shots like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom; this proves that if any advice is taken from him it’s a reliable one.

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It is a one stop destination for everything; business, economy, finance, politics, strategy etc. covering every non business and business topics, this website gives you business news along with general business related information and entrepreneurship skills. It was founded in 2003.

Starting up business from scratch is a tough task. With globalization at peak, the competition is cutthroat and diverse, creativity and innovation is a must need. But a business doesn’t work without marketing, finance, people and so on. By this article, the effort is to bring all those aspects at one place for the convenience of upcoming entrepreneurs, who look forward to guidance and direction. These business bloggers of India are a hope that India will soon be able to strengthen its entrepreneurial skills and with the help of Startup India, the aspirations are quite high.

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