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Breaking the myths about the boarding schools

Boarding School MythWhat is the first thing that strike your mind when you thing about a boarding school? Like every other child and some of the parents think that a boarding school is a real torture. Studying 24*7, all the time teachers keeping a keen interest in your activities, no fun, no contact with the outside world, dark and dull dorm room and that one thing that haunts everyone the most is the fear of following strict guidelines and rules. Isn’t it what all you fear? We expected so! But, it is nothing like this, want to know how? Read on:

Breaking a few myths that people have regarding boarding schools

If your parents are sending you to one, they want to get rid of you!

No parent in the world would do get rid of their child. So, if you are thinking that your parents’ master plan is to get rid of you by sending you to boarding school then you are totally mistaken. Your parents’ decision to send you to a boarding school is probably going to be the best choice they are making for your future, career and life. No matter how you walk in to a boarding institution but one thing is for sure that you are going to walk out as an independent, mature adult, all ready to take over the world.

A boarding school is just like any other school, the only difference being that you have to stay back at the school premises.

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Boarding schools push you to study all day long

This is the last thing in the world that you should believe could be true. When you live in a boarding school your school authorities get more time to invest in you and to keep you busy and channelize your young and fresh energy into doing something good they will ask for your involvement in many different activities. In boarding school you can choose from plethora of extracurricular activities like playing sports, joining special programs, swimming, dancing and they also take you on educational field trips. There will be endless activities you will get to learn to become an all rounder.

So, don’t consider studying in boarding school the end of your happening life rather you need to get ready to experience the roller coaster of different experiences.

Boarding schools are no less than prisons

At a very young age when children are made to learn to do things during specific deadlines and are bothered time and again to be punctual for their own good, they start considering even their home as a jail and same is the case with the boarding schools where the rules and regulations are way more rigid. This is because when you come to live in a boarding school, just like you many other children there you too become the responsibility of the school; therefore they can’t in any way take the chance of being too lenient.

The rules, regulations and the fixed timing to do everything will make you responsible, punctual and train you for the long walk of life. And, it is not like things are imposed blindly upon you, they are slightly at first and then you develop good habits.

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You can get admission in a boarding school only if you a brilliant student

No, it is not true. You need not be an exceptionally brilliant student to attend a boarding school. Children from all the walks of life can get the opportunity to get admitted into one. Since, in a boarding school you spend all your time there and therefore the teachers and the hostel wardens take the responsibility to keep a track record of the performance of all the students and if they are not performing to the best of their capabilities then school faculties are the ones that will encourage all the students to perform to the best of their capabilities. Therefore, someone willing to take admission in a boarding school needs not to be academically gifted at the first place. All boarding schools go out of the way to push students to perform better in every way.

Only children from wealthy families can take admission in boarding schools

A very common notion all of you must have heard which is nowhere close to reality. Your family need not be wealthy to make you study in a boarding school. Yes, there is some extra cost involved because the financial institutions need to run on money to provide you with the basic amenities, good food, care and infrastructure but that does not mean the prices are sky high always. In some boarding schools the fee could be way too much but that does not mean all the boarding schools are too expensive to afford.

At time when a family is not able to pay the fee for availing the normal and economical boarding facilities then they can also apply for bursaries, grants and financial assistance but for that the family needs to qualify first.

According to the research done by Boarding School Review and on the basis of true facts, figures collected and only after taking the reviews of the teachers, parents and boarding school students themselves, in perfect harmony they all believe that living in a boarding school is a unique opportunity that prepares anyone and everyone to grow and prepare to outperform in all spheres of life.

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