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Planning an affordable winter trip? Look into these 8 countries for inspiration

Winter TripWinter trips can be surprisingly affordable! Thanks to lower airfares, slashed accommodation prices and fewer tourists you can travel to your favorite countries during the off-season. If you plan accordingly, winter trips can be a lot of fun. From scenic icy landscapes, cobbled streets lit with fairy lights and cozy cafes with fires- it can look just like a picture out of a fairy tale.

An affordable vacation in winter doesn’t mean you should compromise on your choice of countries or resort to underwhelming domestic trips. We have rounded up 8 of our favorite countries that offer the best value during the colder months.

1- Germany

December is a month that brings a bucket load of festive spirit across the world. But Christmas in Europe can be really exciting as they stick to centuries-old traditions with all the classic trimmings. Travel enthusiasts claim that you haven’t really experienced the true festive season till you plan a trip to the enchanting German Weihnachtsmarkt. You will find a marketplace with small snow-dusted stalls selling everything from handcrafted trinkets to ornaments and glühwein. It truly looks like a romantic scene out of a storybook.

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There are a variety of Christmas markets all over Germany, but the ones in Nuremberg, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt are top rated by travelers! So, if you want to soak in the festive spirit through joyous Christmas markets, Germany is the place to visit during the winters. But remember to not forget your genuine leather jacket because it can get ruthlessly cold in Germany during winter.

2- India

If you’re looking to get away from the below-freezing temperatures and want to choose a comparatively warmer country with a lot of color and character- then India should be your number one choice. It has so many unexpected flavors to offer. From the cosmopolitan hustle bustle of Mumbai to the lush greenery in Kerala, there are vastly different paces of life that you can experience in a single trip to India. Put your feet up and enjoy the backwaters of Kerala in a traditional houseboat, enjoy the exquisite delicacies of the region and swim in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea. You can even sign off the trip on a celebratory note by visiting the Cochin Festival in Fort Kochi at the end of December.

3- Srilanka

Another surprisingly budget-friendly vacation that is equally dreamy as other South Asian countries like India is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one the fastest growing tourism destination of the decade, and you can find really affordable air routes to the island.

What’s more, the food and accommodation are very affordable too, and 3-star hotels in Sri Lanka will cost you around $13 per night!

Srilankan cuisine is delicious, and you can set your taste buds on a joyride of flavor by trying out dishes like chop, hoppers, and lampreys. English is widely spoken so you won’t have trouble navigating your way around. Make your trip memorable by enjoying the beach resorts, wildlife safaris, and cave temples. Sri Lanka is a magical country which every travel enthusiast should visit at least once in their lifetime.

4- London

The recent political developments and Brexit have caused an economic downturn in the country, and travel prices in the UK have dropped to an all-time low. You can use this to your advantage and plan a winter trip to this exotic location.

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There are so many things a traveler can do in London during the winters. The city is packed with top-class museums, beautiful parks, pubs, and restaurants. It is a place where you can enjoy Christmas to the max when the temperature plummets.

5- Costa Rica

If you want to visit a place that boasts warm weather and offers soft beaches even during the winter months, then Costa Rica should be the best bet. It is an island which is a part of the many jigsaw pieces that form Central America. Costa Rica is surrounded by both the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea so you can experience crystal clear waters even during the cooler months.

Bask in the sun on your hammock while you gaze at scenic beauty or watch both the bodies of water simultaneously from the top of the Irazu volcano- you won’t be disappointed by the sheer beauty of Costa Rica.

6- Rome

If you are a fan of countries that have a rich history, then plan a trip to Rome during the winter season. Italy’s capital city, Rome has a history that dates back to the eras of Julius Ceasar and Octavian. You can find many historically significant structures like the Pantheon, Roman Forum, art galleries and churches among other gems. Enjoy the delicious food and not to mention, the melt in the mouth gelato.

Rome is also a very fast-paced and modern city with designer stores and exquisite restaurants so you won’t be disappointed when you go city hopping!

7- Botswana

Botswana recently captured the interest of avid travelers when England’s Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle took a trip to his favorite safari camp in Botswana. So, why not plan your next vacation to this affordable location, especially if you are a fan of value safari.

You can explore the location for as little as $1000 which includes a local guide, budget accommodation, a visit to the rhino sanctuary, Chobe National Park, and Zimbabwe’s famous Victoria Falls. What’s more, you can even get an air ticket for as low as $80 during the off-season.

8- Hawaii

Thanks to the competition between low-cost carriers, you can get very low airfares to Hawaii during the off-season. Not many people know that winter celebrations are in full swing in Hawaii during the cooler months. From the annual tree lighting displays to the world famous surf competitions- the aloha state is a treat to visit in the holiday season.

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We hope you liked reading about the affordable winter destinations we shared above. If you have other travel tips, destination ideas and off-the-beaten-path locations that we can visit during the holiday season then let us know in the comments below:

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