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Top 10 Indian Travel Bloggers For Experienced Adventurers And Travelers

Best Travel Blogs in IndiaTravel has become a new hobby for our generation and it has turned out to be a profitable industry for the Government of many countries. It has been seen that many people have set out for new destinations all of a sudden without any concrete plans or programs. With the rise of travelers and the rise of Blogs, travel blogs have become a new trend all over the World with India not being much far behind. Here we have curated top 10 list of best travel blogs in India.

The Top 10 Indian Travel blogs which one can follow in 2018 are as follows:

  1. Desitraveler.com

NP Prasad has emerged out to be one of the most famous travel bloggers in India with his travel stories & blogs ranging right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Along with pictures, the page also consists of vivid and colorful videos of different places that one must visit during his tour of India. The striking feature of Desitraveler.com is the photograph that they have included in their travel blogs. This makes the page more interesting and gives many reasons to surf this blog.

  1. Isharethese.com –

The travel blog is handled by someone who’s been in this field for almost a decade. Indrani Ghosh, a veteran travel blogger has been in this field for a long time and has provided with enough information for traveling in the country and that too in a smart manner.

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  1. Myyatradiary.com –

Mumbai-based travel blogger Arti shares her experience of travels in an innovative manner of poetry and other pieces of writings that would intrigue any personnel who loves to travel. Her way of writing travel blogs has gained the attention of many as she has been quoted in leading newspapers like Hindu quite many times along with Hindustan Times.

  1. Indiatravelblog.com –

Established by a group of Keralites, the group, one of the many trustworthy travel blogs, India basically revolves around the tourism of Kerala, providing every minute details possible. Primarily created for reviews of traveling, the page revolves and talks of tourist programmes all around Kerala in the best possible manner.

  1. Sandeepachetan.com –

Maintained by a couple on whom the website is named, Sandeepa and Chetan, the website is a must read filled with interesting facts. What strikes the most is the dedication of this couple who, just for the sake of traveling sold their house two years ago. Well, it is requested to keep a track on these couple as they also provide with new technologies of photography.

  1. Traveltalesfromindia.in –

It has been 12 years since Mridula Dwivedi started writing travel blogs and it has helped her gain the international acclamation from leading newspapers in abroad like BBC and The Guardian. Right from the deserts of Rajasthan to rainy areas of Meghalaya, it seems as if this personnel has traveled whole India and still is not tired whenever it comes to traveling.

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  1. Devilonwheels.com –

Well, this page is intentionally created for people who prefer mountains over anything else. Dheeraj Sharma, the writer of the travel blog, describes the snow-capped and other sorts of the peak in such an intriguing manner that it attracts many people. If anyone is planning to visit the mountains, one can follow this travel blog for a better preparation and plan with the page providing enough information to travel for a trip in the lap of Himalayas.

  1. Lakshmisharath.com –

Being an established journalist, it seemed easy for Lakshmi Sharath to describe her traveling experiences in a better manner with the better stock of words and good composition of the blogs. Sharath blends her travel diaries along with mythological and historical elements. Apart from that, she enriches us with her jaw-dropping experiences be it a cyclone-struck village or she gets stuck in a deserted beach.

This has helped her to gain popularity for which even National Geographic Traveler approached her.

  1. Indiatales.com –

Anuradha Goyal uses this travel blog to share her experience in an interesting manner with her experiences in lesser traveled states of Orissa and the North-Eastern states. Apart from that, her blogs include photographs, not only of scenic beauties but of a large number of birds. Her bird photography has been a point of discussion for the lovers of travel.

  1. Indiasomeday.com –

For the travelers who are enthusiastic about the cultural aspects of India in different places, they can pay their visit to this page which has been incepted by two Mumbai-based boys. The travel website has proved to be beneficial for travelers of every budget type, be it the ones who love luxurious lifestyle or the ones who come out of their houses with just one backpack. International travelers have been benefited from this page especially the ones who faced problems regarding navigation.

So these are the top 10 travel blogs and bloggers one can follow if they intend to travel to India and help a guide in their pocket.

Alright, then, pack your bags and set your sail for another adventure.

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