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Top 7 Best Muslim-friendly Things To Do In Morocco

morocco | trip to moroccoLooking for the perfect holiday plan/ What about the land of camels, cultural, history and enthralling life experience. Morocco is country with simple yet contemporary norms that gives a most exciting experience of exploring the country with your family. You don’t have to worry about Muslim friendly halal holidays there. This country is offering a mind blowing holiday plan. There are companies offering some great itineraries but if you’re booking a customize package for a holiday in Morocco, here is the plan.

Things to Do in Morocco

 In order to make a perfect plan, all you have to do is to list down the activities and excursions to opt during your holidays. There is the little and worth considering list through which you can make your trip the most memorable and amazing.

  1. Explore Marrakech:

Marrakech is known as the red city and you’ll find halal food around the city. Jemaa el Fna and many other historic destinations will take a t least 2 days of your trip. Wander around the souks, learn about the culture, watch people and don’t forget to enjoy the sunset from the roof top near the Jemaa el Fna market. You will find the bunch of talented people like snake charmers, acrobats and food enthusiast.

  1. Don’t miss Majorelle Garden:

Science is going really up with their game. If you’re one of the researcher and always curious to know the different and new. This garden is for you. Paint and plan together with your family or spouse while enjoying the immersing tranquillity of the ambience of the garden.

  1. Ali Ben Youssef Madrassa:

Historical retreat is always the best idea. Not everyone is interested in knowing about the history but Ali ben Youssef Madrassa is one of the architectural marvels of Morocco. The style, artwork, building are stunning. It is a soulful place and worth visiting during your trip to Morocco.

  1. Enjoy the blue city:

Chefchaouen is the artistic place. The small town located on the Rif mountains will give an amazing experience of life. The city is a perfect place for the inspiration. We see it every time that travellers are either writers, photographers or film makers that are always looking for a story or an idea.

  1. Trek the Sahara:

The thrilling desert fun is the must do in Morocco. You might have experienced camel trek before on the beach side but the adventure of trekking in Sahar desert is out of the world. You’ll forget buggy rides while enjoying this exciting camel ride in a desert.

  1. Erg Chebbi adventure:

Erg chebbi is the small area consist of desert and beauty. this place is ideal for a night camping. Book your night camping excursion, you’ll also get chances to capture some scenic photos during your journey.

  1. Shopping and massage:

To the last day, visit a spa and enjoy traditional hammam. Relax and enjoy the shopping. Both activities are the best therapy treatments for lowering your stress level.

Now, plan your journey accordingly and enjoy the best time with your family on a perfect halal holidays plan to Morocco.

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