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20 Best Small Business Ideas in India for 2022 with Low Investment

Are you looking for some cool business ideas that requires a little investment? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here, in this articles, you will come to know about some ideas of best business to start with a little money. Starting a business is not just about idea. It is about making the idea happen or implanting it.

Small Business Idea

You may get a bunch of small business ideas from different people, but you need to choose the best one which you can implement the right way and make it successful. This is the place where most of the founders find it difficult to maintain a balance. Starting or opening a new business requires utmost confidence and determination. You need to be very clear about your business idea before entering into this entrepreneurial sector.

Having your own business gives you the freedom and independence to be your own boss and establish an empire from its root. In India, the start-up business concept has started in the year 204. The government has introduced many schemes to facilitate the small business owners. The government of India has taken steps to empower the business sector of the country and encouraging young minds to implement their own small business ideas in the best ways. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about some ideas of best business to start with little money.

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The definition or the concept of startup business in India is subjective and depends on a number of conditions of the market. So here we are representing the list of best small business ideas that you can implement with a little investment.

Following are small profitable business ideas to start with little money or Zero Investment in 2022


One cannot imagine the power of blogging and how it can be a number one business idea to start online with zero or low investment and in return one can avail unlimited earing options. All you need to do is to maintain a writing high-quality, informative and original content. You need to be a consistent writer if you would like to start this business. Along with this, you must have some knowledge about SEO and must create SEO friendly content to increase traffic to your website. You can earn money through promotions, Adsense and collaborations. This is one of the trending profitable business ideas with low investment in 2020

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2.Virtual assistant

The next small business idea in the list is virtual assistant. A number of big ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay are constantly looking for virtual assistants which will help them out by providing manual and technical support to their esteemed customers. to become a virtual assistant, you need to answer the queries of customers, perform some small tasks and you will be paid on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

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3.Handmade chocolate business

When it comes to start a chocolate business in India, it tops the chart. Be it a bitter or sweet chocolate, it is something which lifts the mood and it is an ultimate stress buster. As per the reports, the sale of chocolates in the retail market has increased up to 13 percent between the years 2015 to 2016. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a new small business and don’t have any idea about it, manufacturing chocolate can be a lucrative opportunity. All you need is a product like and a capital of near about 40 to 50K for raw materials purchasing and packaging purposes.

However, if you would like to deploy a big size machinery for larger production, the cost may rise up to 2 lakh to 3 lakhs. You need to make the right choice of equipment which can scale up your production.

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4.Candle making

Candles are no doubt always in demand in the market. It is an extremely popular low investment business idea which works really wonder in the Indian market. Whether it is a birthday celebration or religious occasion, candles are used for decoration purposes. During the time of festivals in India, the demand increases at a very high pace. In these days, the demand for scented and therapeutic candles has immensely increased in many restaurants, hotels and households for creating nice ambience.

You can start this candle making business idea from your home with a very low investment of money around 20K to 30K. You need this much of capital amount to purchase raw materials for manufacturing candles. These raw materials include wick, wax, thread, aroma oils, moulds and so on. Apart from these raw materials, you need some candle-making equipment like pour pot, thermometer, melting pot, hammer, weighing scale and an oven of course.

5.Pickle making business

Pickle is traditional food item and it is extremely popular among Indians. You will find at least one jar of pickle in every Indian house. So, if you think it is a good business idea with low investment, you can start it as it is a safe and easy option. The demand for pickles is not only in India but also in abroad. You can start this business from your own house with a very small amount of capital of 20K to 25K.

6.Event Planner

Those who hold experience in event planning through their volunteering session or someone who holds great communication and managing skills can certainly opt for this small business idea. This event planning business idea requires a very small amount of capital to start. Once you become successful organizing events, you can scale up your event organizing business and earn more profits. All you need is a super active mind ti plan and organize an event, maintaining a co-ordination with organizers, caterers, the other team members to make the vent successful from all aspects, managing the budget, hiring volunteers etc.

7.Incense sticks business

The demand for incense sticks is rapidly growing not only in India but in abroad as well. Incense sticks are used in almost every households and their demand rises significantly during the festive times. Their exports has also increased due to the rising popularity of meditation in the foreign countries.

One can start this small business idea from their own house. The first step for starting this small scale business involves buying essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender, rose and bamboo sticks. Once these sticks are prepared, they are coated with oils and dried up. If you want to scale up the production of incense sticks, you can go for buying automatic and semi-automatic machines which costs around 50K. These machines make bulk productions. Once these sticks are prepared, they need to packaged properly and labelled to be sold in the market.

8.Designer laces

Lace is a common thing which is used in most of the garments as well as craft work. It is a traditional business that can be started at home. With ever-changing fashion trends, the demand for different types of laces has immensely increased. Laces are export in various countries which make it a good business idea to start with a very small amount of investment. Laces are designed either manually or through fully computerized bobby machines.

9.Noodles making business

Noodles are a popular snack in India and so they are available in different varieties. This item is sold all across the country both in rural and urban markets. Manufacturing noodles is quite simple and it needs some basic ingredients such as salt, sugar, wheat flour, starch, spices, and vegetable oils and so on. So thinking of creating noodles business will be profitable and requires low investment.

You can buy both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for manufacturing noodles. The process of making noodles include blending starch or flour, mixing the dough and then passing it through the machine. You can choose a cutting option like shape and size of the noodles, dry them up and then make the packaging to sell it in the market.

10.Jute bags seller business

The use of jute bags or golden fibre bags has increased a lot over a period of time. With the world’ new initiative on banning plastic bags, jute bags are making its market both in India and abroad. Therefore, manufacturing jute bags is a great business idea now. The making process of jute bags is very easy and simple. Different types of jute bags are popular all over the world and they are used for multiple purposes. For starting a jute bag business, it requires only a small amount of capital of around 50 to 1 lakh and you can easily implement this business idea.

11.Manufacturing paper cups and plates

Disposable paper cups and plates are extensively used in Indian events. Whether it is a religious function, social function or a picnic, these cups and plates are used widely for eating purposes. They are inexpensive in the market and therefore, starting this business idea is a great idea. These cups and plates are made of paper which is great alternative to plastic and glass. For making these cups and plates, you need to acquire paper from local scrap shops. The major investment in this type of business is purchasing a plate making machine. It costs around 50k depending on its capacity. If you would like to scale up your manufacturing limit, you need to purchase a bigger machine.

12.Paper making

Manufacturing paper is a profit-making business idea for best business to start with a little money. Papers are used almost everywhere. From schools to colleges, from offices to big companies, the use of paper is almost everywhere. The demand for paper is unending. You can manufacturing various sheets of papers such as A2, A3, A4 to small copies. There involves a vast scope of expansion in paper manufacturing business idea. The only thing you need to do is the selection of the manufacturing location in order to avoid huge manufacturing cost. You need around 2lakh to 2.5 lakh rupees for buying paper manufacturing machines and getting the raw materials to start this business.

13.Sell on-demand print t-shirts

Yes, you can start this with a low amount of investment. If you have excellent drawing skill, the start designing t-shirts, phone cases, hats, skirts, hoodies and such type of things with your creativity. You can take up t-shirt making orders with company logo from a corporate establishment and after making the delivery, you will earn profit. Like this, you can take up many such orders and gradually scale up your business by employing design workers and other team members. Print on demand services is a new trend now. In today’s age, most of the people look customize things that give them a different look and feel and therefore, starting such a business is an idea for best business to start with little money.

14.Create digital courses

You can create digital or online courses on music, web design templates etc. which are unique design ideas. Unlike other things, they are not tangible products. This type of business does not include any manufacturing or shipping cost and therefore, profit margin in this type of business always remain high. You just need to find out what can make a good digital product. What will be more useful to the people and they will consider purchasing it. If you have the right talent to create a unique digital product, you can make this business idea successful.

15.Create an online fashion boutique

If you love fashion and want to share your styling experience ad ideas with the people online, you can consider opening your own online fashion boutique. For opening an online boutique, you don’t need to be a fashion designer. You just curate items from the other vendors into your own store. From shoes, dresses, accessories and many more items, you can build up your own online fashion brand. Make attractive social media posts with your products and become an online trend-setter. This business idea does not require a huge amount of capital.

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16. Create an online bakery shop

If you love baking and want to establish a business of yours, you start a baking business online and customize the pricing as per your products specifications. You need to create an online menu, receive the orders, deliver the orders on time and you are all set to make this business successful.

Tips to choose an idea for Small business to start with low investment in 2021

The small business ideas which we have shared here might be seem interesting and easier to run. But making these businesses successful is not that so easy. There are four important things which you should keep in mind when you consider any of these options. Let’s have a look at the tips below –

1.Focus on your target market

For any type of business idea, the success key is to reach your target audience. It is not enough to know the demands of the products. You need to find out the ways through which you can reach your target audience who are most likely to buy your products. You must figure out the right audience for selling your products.

2.Learn and grow your business

For growing your small business in a successful manner, you need to be a constant learner. You need to update your business from time to time, understand the changing requirements of the customers, what they are actually looking for in the market, what is the current trend in the market etc. You have to find out your customers’ reaction towards your products and services. Ask them to give their reviews and make better your services.


Pricing is an important factor if you would like to establish a business idea successfully. Do not price your products too low or too high. If you keep the prices of your products too low, the shoppers will feel that they are of low quality. On the other hand, if you keep the prices too high, you may scare some of your customers. Therefore, you need to find a suitable spot which can attract customers to your products. You can offer discounts for your products from time to time to enhance the sale of your items.

4.Always be aware of the risk profile

In any type of business, risk factor always exits. Whatever you plan, you need to consider the risk factor always. If you have chosen a revolutionary concept for business, the upside of it could give tremendous profit but along with it, the risk factor also grows. If you are replicating a business, there are a fewer risk factors exist because that business idea is always in the marketplace. You are just bringing small changes in your products to maintain a differentiation in your products.

Therefore, these are some few important factors which you must keep in mind while choosing a business idea. Following these tips will help you choosing the right business concept and making it successful. You need to maintain a uniqueness your products to keep yourself ahead of your competitors. This is a key to success for best small business to start with little money. Establishing a business is not enough, you need to scale up its limit and that should be your business goal. Strong determination and enthusiasm require if you would like to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

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