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Achieve Natural Make-Up Look with Lip Stains and Crayons

In recent times, there has been an evolution of specific innovative make-up trends that have left us awe-struck. Further, fashion enthusiasts and millennials these days, are majorly focusing on the ‘no make-up’ makeup look where although you use makeup, it makes you look naturally beautiful and glowing. In particular, applying minimal make-up highlights one’s facial features and gives them a more natural look.

Similarly, lip crayons or stains are one of those beauty essentials that accentuate your lips to their fullest without having to apply the heavy lipsticks.

During summers, wearing lightweight and neutral make-up will enhance your aesthetic beauty. As they say, less is more, various products such as lip glosses, plumpers, balms, liners, and lipsticks have their distinct specialty that matches this weather and also the concept of minimalism. The best part about the lip crayons and stains is that they are quite versatile products. In addition to wearing them on your lips, you can use them on your cheeks and eyelids too as a blush or subtle eyeshadow.

Why should you swap all your lip products with lip stains or crayons?

One of the most prominent reasons due to which everyone is madly in love with the lip crayons and stains is the gradient effects it leaves on lips. These products make your lips look fuller, without giving it a bold appearance. When applying these products, dab a little quantity on your lips evenly, and you are all set to go. Since these products are designed in a way that they last hours, they would also save you from the pain of applying the product multiple times. Below mentioned are a few revolutionary benefits of these lip care cum make-up products.

Moisturization: Unlike matte lipsticks, lip crayons do not dry out the lips and leave them all chapped. Instead, they are designed to deliver a moisturizing effect that eliminates the need for applying a lip balm or a gloss along with the lipstick. Coming onto the lip stains, they provide a nourishing and dewy effect with a pop of color on the lips.

No Sloppy Lines: Generally, the lipsticks tend to leave a wrinkled look on your lips that appear to be quite messy after some time. If you want to avoid this, a lip crayon is something which you must try at the earliest. On the other hand, if you want a neutral make-up look that doesn’t take anything too over the top, lip stains would be the perfect choice for you. In short, both of these lip products ensure a neat and precise application to avoid smearing.

Shimmery Hydration: Another good reason to adore lip crayons and stains is the shimmery glow that they add to the lips. Eventually, it also amplifies thinner lips and eliminates the fine lines that make the lips look unhealthy. Moreover, the formulation of such products contains a variety of natural ingredients such as shea butter along with jojoba oil and almond oil that have natural properties to keep the lips and skin healthy.

Long-lasting Color: Whether it is a lip stain or a crayon, they leave a long-lasting and intense color finish on the lips. Thus there is no need to give touch-ups within a short duration. Besides, these lip products go well with all types of occasions irrespective of day or night.

Tips to Keep in Mind before Applying Lip Crayons and Stains

  • Exfoliate your lips properly with a good lip scrub

You cannot ever emphasize enough on the importance of scrubbing your lips. This is one of the most important steps in the lip care routing but people hardly follow it. Scrubbing the lips not only removes the chapped skin and makes the lips soft, but also gives then a natural and healthy glow. You can either use any of the readily available lip scrubs or prepare one at home using some basic ingredients such as honey, olive oil and sugar granules. Make sure you scrub your lips at least once a week.

  • Moisturize the chapped lips using a regular lip balm

Everyone, irrespective of their gender or how good their lips already are, should keep a lip balm with them all the time. No matter if you are in the house all day or out for work, your lips tend to dry quickly. So it is better to keep reapplying the lip balm time and again and prevent them from drying. One important point to make a note of is that you should remove the existing residue from your lips using a tissue or a wet wipe before applying the next layer.

  • Select the color shade that complements your choices

Lip balms these days come in a wide range of colors and flavours. Depending upon your preferences and the occasion, you can choose what suits you the best. For instance, if you plan to stay indoors, you can opt for a natural lip tint that doesn’t have a lot of color. But when you are in office or out on a shopping spree, you can go for hydrating lip balms that have a little hint of color.

  • Apply a slight amount at first and then glide on as per the need

One common mistake a lot of people make is to apply lip balm in massive quantity. Moreover, as mentioned above, layering it constantly, without removing the residues will only do you damage. So it is always better to put a little and then smudge it slightly using your finger. If you feel the need for more, you can also reapply.


In this dynamic segment of beauty, most women are inclining towards make-up products that have skincare benefits. Undoubtedly, lip crayons and stains are quintessential make-up products that have wide-ranging applications. Additionally, there are a lot of brands these days that offer organic products made with natural ingredients, which further accentuates the fact that you don’t put chemicals on your skin.

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