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Best LIC Policy to Invest For High Returns in India 2022

In order to secure your life, the role of different insurance policies knows no bound and when people think of the insurance plans, LIC is the name which they recall. Serving people for decades, the company is now able to represent amazing LIC policy plans with high returns that can actually cater to the financial needs of every type of earning person.

There is no doubt that no other brand in India is as trustworthy as LIC and the company can understand the basic necessities of the people that are needed to be fulfilled. In addition to the context, the financial protection makes sure that you are able to manage your life and expenses of living while paying the least for premium and earning the highest amount of money in return. Offering a multitude of policies with high returns, the company has marked its position in the competitive market.

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Below are 4 best LIC Plans to Invest for high Returns 2022

Best Lic Plans Age Medical Exam
LIC e-Term Plan 18-60 Yr Required
LIC Jeevan Anand Plan 18-50 Yr Required
LIC New Endowment Plan 8-50 Yr Required
LIC Jeevan Saral 12-60 Yr Discontinued

1. LIC e-Term Plan

One of the popular LIC policy plans nowadays is the LIC e-Term plan where people are given full financial protection to the policyholder’s family. Well, in term Insurance plans the sum assured is only given to people on the event of the policyholder’s unfortunate demise. Acting as an online term assurance policy, there is a premium on a regular basis but there is no added bonus.

Features to Check 

 The enticing features of the LIC policy term plan online make it different from the list of LIC policy plans.

  • Being one of the popular LIC policy plans in 2018, its cover ranges between 18 years to 60 years.
  • The premium amount is required to be paid early and there is no loan available for the plan.
  • For non-smokers, the minimum basic sum assured amount is Rs. 50,00,000 and generally, the sum assured amount is around Rs. 25,00,000. However, there is no fixed maximum limit for the sum assured.
  • Maximum policy term period spans up to 25 years and minimum policy term period is 10 years.

The premium rate of this plan varies depending on whether the policyholder is a smoker or non-smoker. Along with the lack of loan facility, there is no riders benefit.

2. LIC Jeevan Anand Plan

 This is one has marked a significant position in the LIC policy plans list for giving our dual benefits and acting as a non-linked engaging endowment plan. People are interested in investing in this among other LIC policy plans because LIC Jeevan Anand Plan can provide life- until the demise of the policyholder even if the policy ends.

Attributes to Notice

 Being one of the LIC policy plans with the best return, the age group of the policyholder has to be minimum 18 years. And the maximum age for maturity is 75 years.

  • Acting as one of the LIC policy saving plans, your entire life is protected.
  • The premium amount is included in the tax-exempt category under Section 80C and the maturity initiates following the legal framework of 10(10D).
  • Unlike the other LIC policy plans, the loan facility here is available after 90 days.
  • Minimum policy term here is 5 years and the maximum is up to 57 years.
  • One reaching the age of 18 years can opt for this plan among other LIC policy plans and a person cannot start the policy if he/she reaches 65 years old.

Moreover, for the sum assured, there is no fixed limit and the minimum limit is Rs. 1,00,00. You can guess that LIC Jeevan Anand Plan is one of the best LIC policy plans under 80C having the feature of an endowment plan.

 3. LIC New Endowment Plan

 LIC New Endowment Plan is proven to one of the effective LIC policy plans that protect the consumers’ savings in a simple manner. This particular plan is a great help to the consumers at the time of liquidity and the policyholder can opt for surrendering the policy after three years.

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Salient Features

 There are features that differentiate this policy from others are mentioned below,

  • The entry age ranges from 8 years to 50 years.
  • Acting as one of the LIC policy retirement plans taking care of your financial needs when you are in your 60s, the amount of pension is taxable under Section 80C.
  • The policyholder can pay the premium payment on a yearly, half-yearly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • LIC accidental death and disability benefit rider are optional advantages in this type of LIC policy plans.
  • The maturity benefits are high with LIC endowment policy and the amount of death benefit will be no less than 10% of the total premium amount that the policyholder has been paying till the death of his/her death.

If the policyholder commits suicide within 12 months of the policy, the policymaker is not liable to pay out the assured benefit. The nominees are likely to receive 80% of paid premium until the demise of the insured.

4. LIC Jeevan Saral

 One of the widely LIC policy plans is LIC Jeevan Saral which can be categorized as an endowment plan as well. Present with flexible ULIP plans, the policy offers exciting features where the double death benefit is given. Without any fixed limit for a maximum sum assured, the minimum amount for a sum assured is Rs. 62,500.

Characteristics to Know

 The entry age ranges between 12 to 60 years and the other features of this particular plan are,

  • You can opt for a loan after completing 10 years of having LIC Jeevan Saral.
  • The policyholder can make the best out of the flexible premium amount and the payment mode is based on annually, half-yearly, monthly and quarterly.
  • When you end the 3rd policy year, you can surrender the policy.

Before you ever purchase a policy, it is highly important to make use of the LIC policy plans premium calculator to know how the premium amount is going to look like. Following the above mentioned LIC policy plans, you can choose the one which suits you. Additionally, you can take a help of a financial advisor if all these terms are too overwhelming to comprehend for you.

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