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Best 2048 Puzzle Games

The puzzle game 2048 is one of the best brain games ever to grace the internet. Since this game is so popular, many companies have put their spin on it to include different objects and numbers. It really adds a new dimension to the game and makes it exciting to play. 

This ranking is coinciding with the best month of the year for sports. If you do not know what I am referring to, I am talking about March Madness. The NCAA Tournament is the best, and 2048 can help you analyze your Stats March Madness.

The more work you do with your brain, the better you will be able to analyze sports information. This will be critical for the NCAA Tournament when there are 67 games over three weekends. In the meantime, it’s best to start preparing with 2048.

Here are my favorite versions of the 2048 game!

The Original 2048

2048 was created by Gabrielle Cirulli, a 19-year-old, over the course of one weekend. It’s similar to Threes and 1024, but her game exploded. The original is very simple, and the variants do differentiate much from the original.

The game is played by using the arrow keys, and it’s won if you create a 2048 tile. The 2048 tile is very hard to create because you need to multiply square roots to get to 2048 and do it in a restricted square pattern.

2048 Tetris

As I mentioned before, the game is very similar for all versions. You cannot change 2048 very easily because the foundation of the game is unbreakable. You need to multiply twos, fours, sixteens, etc., to reach 2048.

This may sound simple, but it’s easier said than done. The Tetris 2048 game follows the same rules, but the numbers are falling from the top of the screen. This is similar to Tetris, a popular video game where you have to create patterns with shapes.

The Tetris version of the game is much tougher because it does not give you much time to think. You have a limited amount of time to reach a conclusion of where you want to fit a number on the grid.

This may be too much of a challenge if you are not skilled at the regular 2048 game.

2048 Undo

The game 2048 was designed by a math genius, and it’s very hard to play. It’s easy to lose because you cannot go backward if you make a wrong move. It will cause you to lose, get frustrated, and restart your game.

The undo version of the game is the best because you can go backwards and change your picks. When you change your picks, it works very well. This is an excellent version of the game because it allows you to fix your mistakes.

This is also good for people who want to play 2048 but do not know where to begin. Once you master the undo button, you will be able to cruise on the regular 2048 version of the game.

2048 Doge

Dogecoin was the cryptocurrency that took off during the pandemic. Many different coins popped up and soared in value before crashing. The one cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time is Bitcoin.

Even though Dogecoin crashed and is somewhat irrelevant, it was still created into a 2048 game. The face of Dogecoin is a cute dog staring at you, and it’s even cuter in the 2048 game with different backgrounds.

The dog has different backgrounds, and these all represent numbers. One has the dog with a green background, a glitter background, pizza background, and space background. It’s your hob to get the dog to space which signals 2048 and a win.

This game is best for someone who enjoys brain games but may not be the biggest math person. If you prepare now, you will have the upper leg for NCAA Tournament stats. The game 2048 is a great way to accomplish your goal.

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Marketvein Staff
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