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Best 2048 Puzzle Games for a Great Brain Workout

puzzle appEvery now and then I like to give my brain a good exercise, especially in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee. In the last couple of years, I found some great games like my all time favorite sudoku and find 2 differences. Naturally, as I’m always on the lookout for something new, I decided to do some research on different puzzles games and I stumbled upon a list of 2048 puzzle games. I’ll share the link if you want to check out.

Best 10 2048 Puzzle Games by AppGrooves

I never played 2048 games before, so I decided to give a couple of games on the list a try. Soon enough I got hooked and I fell in love with the different approach to puzzle games. I just felt I needed something different. I’ve been playing for the last couple of weeks and decided to review my 3 favorite 2048 puzzles.

2048 by Ketchapp – As Simple As It Gets

All of the 2048 games I tried are fairly simple. It’s one of those games that are super easy to start, but there’s a decent learning curve if you want to master. First game I tried is simply called 2048 by a developer called Ketchapp. The main thing I love about this one is the simple design. There are no nuisances to waste your time – you simply start the game and play right away. I also like how you get to check your high score which I found to be a great motivator to come back and play again. There’s just something to wanting to beat your current high score. I’d also like to add that I I experienced no bugs or lags.

You can probably guess the thing I didn’t like about this one – pop-ups. I understand developers need to include ads, but every time an ad showed up while I was playing it would completely mess up my focus. It’s not a big deal and it is what it is.

2048 Number Puzzle Game by Estoty – A Little Extra

The first one I’d describe as being the classic 2048 game. But if you’re a seasoned player who unlike me already played a great deal of 2048 games, you might be looking for something similar yet different. That’s where 2048 Number Puzzle Game comes in. The game provides a lot of variety to the classic design with multiple gaming modes like time challenge and X-tiles for extra difficulty. This definitely adds more fun as you can play the game in different ways and is a huge plus in comparison to the first one. The game mode I played the most is the challenge mode where you’re given a limited number of moves to successfully finish the puzzle. It definitely makes you think.

The only thing I found disappointing is the game doesn’t provide bigger boards except for 4×4. With all the different modes for more avid players, it would be great if they add that little extra. It would definitely make the whole game even better than it already is.

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli – Master the Game

Finally, my third favorite 2048 game comes from Gabriele Cirulli. Similar to the first one, it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to the gaming concept. But, the main reason I included this one is the undo option and stats. When you play 2048 undo comes quite in handy, especially if you’re a beginner like me. Although veterans of the game might think it’s cheating, I like how you can easily retrace your steps. It helped me a bunch of times and more importantly, it helped me get to know the game much faster. This makes it perfect for anyone, no matter how good you might be as you can easily customize the game to provide a balanced amount of challenge.

As I was playing the game, I realized there are some bugs, mainly with the in-game buttons. I checked other people’s reviews and other players also noted how sometimes you might lose progress mid-game for no apparent reason. It might have to do something with how you tap the buttons, so I found a little hack. As long as you swipe instead of tap, you’ll be ok as I didn’t experience any problems. So just keep that in mind.

These are my top 3 2048 puzzle games. I still enjoy playing them although currently, I mix them up with other puzzle games like previously mentioned sudoku. I can definitely say it keeps my brain muscles running and I hope you’ll find fun in them as well. Enjoy

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