Badoo Surpasses Tinder in Dating


badoo-tinderThere are plethoras of dating apps for people to try out, and there are millions of singles who use it on a regular basis. In these dating apps, unfortunately, there are a few users who are scammers and fakers. People find it annoying when they have to come across people of this kind.

Tinder has always been considered as the giant when it comes to dating apps. People can use this app throughout the world and is available in around 30 different languages. There are around 50 million users on the app as of 2014 and around 8 billion matches have been made from the day it was launched back in 2012.

Most of the singles in the world would have thought that this platform is the biggest of all the other dating apps. If even you think the same way, then it is time you need to think again? There is a particular app in the market which has superseded Tinder and has made it to the top.

Badoo, it is now considered to be the dating app which has a top notch performance. It is said that there are around 350 million users on this platform when compared to Tinder. This is significantly huge and it shows that Badoo has indeed outperformed all time favorite dating app amongst the singles Tinder.

It is a proven fact that at present the people are getting tired of Tinder and trying to switch to other apps which are more interesting. Badoo is considered to be the largest platform when it comes to dating. They are already popular in parts of     Europe and South America; we can say that it is getting bigger in the UK as well.

The app is available in around 47 different languages and spreading in all parts of the world. It is tremendous the way the app verifies the users and makes it easy for people to get along. There is no need for anyone to pretend to be someone else and fakers and scammers can be kept at bay.

Signing Up for Badoo

People have the option to sign up for the service with the help of Facebook or email address as well. We can avoid catfishing so as to get ourselves verified by the app itself. The user needs to send a selfie to get themselves verified on the app. Once the verification process is done they will be able to get the access to the app.

Make sure the match is authentic

It is one of most obvious things which most of us would have come across when we are using certain dating apps. There are scammers and fakers who pretend to be someone who they are not and send some awful messages. This is why; Badoo has made a feature which will help one to keep scammers at bay.

The user has the option to send to request to send a selfie so as to confirm that the person is the same as they claim to be. Once they send the selfie and the confirmation is been made from both the ends, then they can click off from there and have a great conversation, and if things go well take it to the next level as well.

Don’t wait to Match

There is no need for the user to wait for the match to be able to talk with a particular user on the app. They have the option to discover people from the nearby locations and start a conversation. There is a downside to this particular feature, which is the user will have only two chances to be able to crack it before they are unable to have a proper conversation anymore.

Find who is nearby

On the app, the main screen has 4 different options; one of the options is to find who is nearby. The user can swipe right if they find the person to captivating and swipe left if not otherwise. If the user wants to know about a particular profile, all they need to do is tap on the profile.

Once they are done with it, they will be able to find the information of the said user. A short description about self, verification details and pictures of the user, if they have uploaded more than one and the user can set their preferences according to the location, gender and age range as well.

Find a Match

It is similar to how Tinder works to find a Match, the user can swipe either right if interested and left if not interested. If the user wants to know more about the person they can just scroll down and the information will be displayed to the user. Once the match is made, the user will be able to continue the chat with the matched person

Place where you find messages

There is an option on the menu on the bottom of the screen where user will be able to see the messages which have been sent to them. The users have an option to send messages to their matches and friends on the app. All the conversations which take place with the matches and friends are made available on this particular screen. The latest messages will always be displayed on the top of the conversation list.

Feed in Your Details

The final option to the bottom right corner of the app is the profile, where the user will have the option to update the information. Make changes to the account, link other social accounts and lots more. The user can select the edit option which is available to the top right corner of the screen when they can update their basic information.

Super Powers

This is something like the perks which you get to be made more visible to the other users. The user needs to unlock the premium version of the app to avail this feature. They can make a payment of $24.99 for 3 months or make a permanent subscription of $59.99. This is to know who has liked you; users can opt for 6 months, one month or even one week as well.

7-Day Trail

The users have an option to subscribe to a 7-day trial where they will have free Super Powers. This will enable the user to know who has given likes, chat with popular users on the app, unlock the favorite’s folder, make a change with the vote, and go incognito as well. The best part of this trial plan is that your message will always be showed on the top of the message list.

Final Thoughts

Tinder came into the field of dating around 4 years back and has grown to 50 million users. On the flip side of the coin, UK-based Badoo has been in this industry for around 10 years now and its service is available in around 190 different countries.

It is evident that they have made to the top and it will continue to do so. Tinder is lagging far behind and people have started to stop using the app as well. The time has come for Tinder to wake up and get back into the race otherwise it going to fall far behind. But, we can clearly say that Badoo has more singles than Tinder.