Avert Electrical Fires by following 6 important rules!


    When we take fire outbreaks into consideration, electrical fires top the list. Electrical fires have ruined houses, offices as well as buildings, bringing them down to dust, soot and smoke.Avoid Electrical FireHave you ever thought about the main causes of electrical fires? Do you know simple and effortless ways to prevent them? If not, Jim’s fire safety brings you the top 6 ways to avert fires caused by electrical failures, whether the issue lies in outlets, plugs, wiring or something else. It is better to know the problem beforehand, prior to risking your property as well as precious lives.

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    Read on and know about the top 6 rules you should follow.

    Check and Maintain Electrical Outlets

    Faulty or loose electrical outlets are one of the main causes of electrical fires. If an outlet is not fitted perfectly in the wall or the plate is broken or cracked, whenever you plug in a device, the outlet will possibly spark and start a fire.

    The best solution for this is to inspect all the wall outlets in detail and fix or replace any, if damaged.

    Wiring Matters

    Just like everything else deteriorates, so do electrical wires. When you think about wires, do not consider just cords attached to your appliances and devices. Your house or office electrical wiring is what needs to be inspected every few years.

    Since older houses and office spaces go through years and years of rain, storms and other natural processes, it is best you ask a professional to visit and inspect the wiring thoroughly. Meanwhile, you should always pay attention to signs of faultiness. The main signs are as follows:

    • Flickering lights and appliances
    • Hot or burning switches when turned on
    • Sparky plugs and outlets
    • Buzzing sounds
    • Fuse and circuits that often trip

    Do not Overload an Outlet

    Using a single outlet to run many electrical devices can actually cause a fire. A house’s electrical circuits are designed to provide a certain amount of electricity to a specific outlet. In case you decide to overload it, it will spark, damage the wiring as well as start a fire.

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    Monitor your Electrical Equipment

    We all use electrical equipment at home and office. The most common are T.Vs, computers, laptops, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. Since electrical fires are common, it is best that you turn off the electrical supply to the electrical device when not in use. Secondly, it is obvious that you should keep all electrical equipment away from water sources. Also, when electrical appliances come in contact with flammable materials, a fire outbreak can become inevitable. Most common flammable items are clothes, blankets, stuffed toys, etc.

    Moreover, it is also essential to invest in electrical testing and tagging to ensure your electrical equipment’s safety.

    Restore Damaged Cords

    Cords tend to get damaged when in frequent use. It is best to replace them instead of trying to repair them with tapes. If you have cracked or frayed cords anywhere at home or in office, replace them immediately.

    Exposed wires can come in contact with carpets and other flammable materials, perfect for starting a fire.

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    Fixed Cords are Safer

    We all hate cords showing on the ground and we often hide them under the carpets and rugs. While this practice makes our houses look better and cleaner, the truth is, this is as dangerous as it gets!

    Be sure not to place any electrical cords under furniture items, rugs and carpets because a single spark can start a fire. Place all cords near the wall where there is zero human traffic.