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Tips for Auto Quieting and How to Deaden Sounds in your Car

A driver needs concentration to be able to get safely to his house from work and vice versa. But there’s a lot of noise and distractions while one is on the road. Sometimes, the interruptions are so loud that it’s tough to focus on the road. You can read more about car noises in this website here.

After a long day at work, a person may want the quietness that the interior of a car provides. He might want to listen to his favorite music on his playlist while his hands are on the wheel. The quiet and the clear-cut sound of the music may not be possible if the inside of the car is not soundproofed.

Many people think that only those who can afford luxury cars can have a quiet drive on their way home. But this is not the case at all. Anyone who has a vehicle can have the solitude that they want so that they can think more clearly or carry on a conversation with another person without the added noise. 

Where Does Noise Come From?

The noise that a car owner hears while he is inside of his cabin comes from many sources. Know more information about cabins here: The first is that the vehicle may be too old, and the mechanical components are telling him that something is amiss by being loud. The others are the tires and the environment. If you have a new vehicle and everything is mechanically calibrated, then the source of the noise will be from the other two sources.

What Does Noise Do to You?

There are researches made by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health that show noise can affect people’s wellbeing by increasing their stress levels. When one is on the road, they are continually exposed to ambient noise from the vehicle and the environment. These, in turn, can affect digestion, blood pressure, and more. 

Continuous exposure to something loud or even white noises can increase the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it can hamper one’s reasoning, impulse control, and planning. Some people even become angry when they frequently hear something loud.

What you Can Do

To get the peace that you always crave, you won’t need to buy an expensive luxury car. Instead, you can invest in sound deadening pads and other soundproofing materials that can help you have the quietness that you crave. 

When you buy these soundproofing materials, you should consider the size of your vehicle. Some owners have a mid-size car, and they only need a few square feet to cover their vehicles. Aside from muffling the noises, the other benefits can include reducing vibration, insulation, and resistance to crash. 

Try the Suspenders and Belt Approach to your Auto

If you have enough with the noise from the road or if you have an issue with the heat that is coming off from the panel, you can consider using reflective insulation. The insulation can block off more than 90% of the heat that the floorboard is producing, and at the same time, it can deaden the sounds from the outside. 

You can layer the insulator under the foam, and there’s a step by step tutorial if you want to install that on your belt and suspenders. You can spray an adhesive on the floor and then put the reflective insulation. Once the layer of glue dries out, you can place the foam on top of the insulation material and voila! You have a silent car.

Areas to Focus on When you Soundproof Your Auto

The best place where you can install a soundproofing material is under the floor mats both in the passenger and the driver’s seat. This is because the material can block the sounds that will be coming off from the tires.

The floor is also a crucial spot because the panels act like a diaphragm where almost all the road noises resonate through it. You can compare this scenario of taking your phone to play your favorite music, and when you place it to a cup, the cup resonates with the music, making it twice or thrice as loud. The floorboard is similar to that of a cup, which makes it identical to that of a sound diaphragm.

The second place where you should consider to install sound-deadening materials is at the back of the tires. If you have a large type of vehicle or if you are driving a truck, then this is a must for you. The tires of the truck alone will make a lot of noise, so you need to cover the tires with soundproof pads.

The third area is you not that important, but it can help if you are going full blast in soundproofing your vehicle. If you have a jeep, you should consider installing soundproof materials to the door since these parts are known to be made up of thin materials. Installing the pads will make them quiet during your ride to work. But the downside of this project is that you need to remove some panels and materials and take things apart. This can be a harder job compared to other projects.

Materials to Use

Mats – These are the most accessible and the most natural covers for your vehicle’s panels. They are made up of rubber, and they come with an adhesive, which makes the installation quicker.

Insulators – These are materials that absorb the noises that are coming from under the floor of your car. Some car owners prefer the insulation materials because they added a plush factor to the interiors, which makes the feet feel more comfortable.

Foams – These are the most commonly used insulation material that many car owners use. They can absorb sounds and vibrations that come from the panels. They can be in bought in sheets, or they can be sprayed in the car.

Sprays – These sound deadening materials can reach tight areas of your auto. Most people prefer the pros for spray application so that the coat will be even, and the right kind of compressors and tools will be used to do the job.

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