Ambiguities of Women Regarding Breast Reduction Surgery


Breasts surely add up to the appearance and confidence of a lady. In order to reach the perfection in terms of personality, they may happen to undergo breast surgery. Breast reduction surgery isn’t just about down-sizing the breast but it also lifts to the higher position on the chest wall. In this procedure, excess fat is removed from the breast, skin and glandular tissue that help achieving the desired breast look and size. While undergoing the Breast Surgery in UAE, there are few ambiguities that women seem to have stuck with. So let’s sort them out;

Who is Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

For sure, the breast reduction surgery is not for all but the following are known to be the suitable yet good candidates for whom this particular breast surgery is advisable;

  • Women having breasts that are too large on their entire frame.
  • Women with large drooping breast that often makes them over-conscious about their appearance.
  • Women who notice the heavy weight on their chest wall while performing their regular activities.
  • Women having constant neck and upper back pain due to heavy breasts.

Due to heavy breast sizes, women develop excessive sweating and fungal infections. Therefore, it’s advisable for them to undergo Breast Surgery in UAE. Breast reduction and lift surgery isn’t just about down-sizing the breast but it also lifts to the higher position on the chest wall.

How long does it take to Get Back to Normal after Surgery?

Face it first; there are chances of mild to moderate pain after the surgery. This pain can be controlled by medication. Candidate might take from several days to 1 or 2 weeks to recover. Depending on the health, one can even be up till the very next day after surgery but some upper body exercises will be restricted for about a month.

When Can I get back to Work?

Normally, it would be no more than 2 weeks after the surgery depending on the overall progress. Besides, your JD would also play as a significant variable to deciding whether you are fit to go to work or not. In case you work is more inclined towards the physical activity, you might not be able to get back to work before 6 weeks.

Will It Harm the Breastfeeding Ability?

It actually doesn’t put any sort of negative impact over the breastfeeding ability of women in most cases. But some case of Breast Surgery in UAE is still at risk. Mostly, the lactating functions of the breasts are preserved and women can keep up with the breastfeeding after undergoing surgery.

Very rarely, candidate happens to undergo a specific type of breast surgery that includes nipple detachment. Due to which, the breast functions is guaranteed to be lost. But this won’t happen like that; your surgeon will let you know about this. In case you are not satisfied with this, he might suggest some other alternative.

In a nutshell, Make sure to consult your surgeon and learn about all the possible changes either positive or negative that you will experience after the surgery. This will help you, at least, be mentally prepared.


Check out this article and learn about the ambiguities women have regarding the breast reduction surgery.