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Activities that you should try out when in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city of endless activities. You will always be on your toes, running about from this corner to that when here. The best part about Ahmedabad is that it has something or the other in store for almost everyone!

So, if you are planning a trip to this lively city, then first look up the various five star hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat and then book the one of your choice. Get all your reservations in order and head out to Ahmedabad to try out some of the awesome activities mentioned below:

  1. You cannot help but feel patriotic when it comes to Ahmedabad. Just a few kilometres away from the main area of the city, at Sabarmati you have the Gandhi Ashram. This is a must visit place for any Indian in Ahmedabad. This is the place where Gandhi spent a significant amount of his life and it is also the place from where he directed the Indian freedom movement. There is some interesting activity or debate going on here every other day and hence you will not have a problem at all in keeping yourself busy when here.
  2. No trip to a place is complete without shopping and Ahmedabad is the perfect place to provide a shopping paradise for all the shopaholics out there. Head out to the Law Garden night market to grab some exciting deals on authentic stuff from Gujarat. Colours and bright glasses are bound to dazzle and you if you know how to bargain you will surely land yourself some super great deals.
  3. Another thing that you should definitely try out when in Ahmedabad is the Gujarati thali. You can either opt for the Gujarati thali in one of the Ahmedabad luxury hotels where you will be staying or you can actually take to the streets to try out some local food shops. This thali comes with a whole range of items and hence make sure that you are hungry before you sit down to try one.
  4. Is it midnight? Are you hungry? Wondering where you would get some delicious food at this hour of the night? Well then head out to Manek Chowk. In fact, you should visit this night time food paradise when in the city. During the day time jewellery is sold over here. It is said that it was the idea of the jewellers to set up food stalls at night here, so that they could work late, have their dinner and then go to sleep! A midnight snack at Manek Chowk is something that you must try out.
  5. If you do not mind travelling a little bit and you have a great passion for photography, then do head out to the SarkhejRoza which is a photographer’s paradise. You can take the help of local transport and then travel to this place to get some great snaps.

In fact, the above 5 are just a few glimpses of the various activities that you can try out in Ahmedabad. Want to know more? Check out the city for yourself!


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