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8 Secrets to Bring Your Videos to the Next Level

Everyone wants the inside track. Deep down, we all want to be unique and to know things that others don’t. That’s particularly true when it comes to online marketing and the digital world in general. Because social media is now pretty saturated with everyone and their dog’s photos, your videos need something more to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that there are some secret tips that, whilst they might sound obvious once you read them, many people forget to apply when they edit videos. Before you get started though, do you have the right tools? If you’re not sure then click on this link to view an amazing and easy-to-use online video editor.

Top 8 Secrets for Creating Amazing Videos with your Online Video Editor

Regardless of whether you’ve been using an online video editor for years or you’ve just got a hold of it, the following points should give you some things to think about for your next video creation project:

1. Tell Stories

Are you telling good stories with your video? Do you know what a good story looks like? Sometimes feedback from your friends or viewers can be helpful. Either way, check out the templates for inspiration if you’re not sure how to get started.

Alternatively, be true to yourself and just, quite simply, tell your story and your brand’s story with your video. Viewers love raw images and they’ll respect you for not putting on a mask when posting videos for free, like so many others on social media.

2. Emotions and Hooks

If you truly want to create videos that are at the next level with your online video editor, tap into people’s emotions. We all know the difference between bland video clips and those that make our hearts melt. Of course, this type of video isn’t easy to create and might take a bit of trial and error. One idea though is to view what your competitor’s videos online look like or to Google your keywords on your browser. You might be surprised what comes up and where inspiration comes from.

3. Catchy Thumbnails

This one might sound obvious but don’t forget those tiny images when working with video editors. When someone scans their Google results page, they’re more likely to stop and look at catchy photos. If you’ve piqued their interest, then there’ll be more chance that they go on to view your video.

4. Focused Campaigns

It’s so easy to create a campaign with a video editor but make sure you don’t forget your overall goal and style. Essentially, you want to stay consistent when you create videos so that you won’t confuse the viewers. Of course, you need to also balance this with being creative and posting fresh content.

5. Add Features and Audio

One way to customize your templates is to add features such as GIFs or funky text and links. Moreover, music is a powerful connector to emotions and it’s so easy to include an audio track with your video editing options. Overall, these are great tools to create videos that stand out and appeal to your viewers’ emotions.

6. Lighting and Background

When you create videos, you’re probably going to use templates as well as your own content. If you’re filming video clips then make sure that you do it in a well-lit environment with a background that isn’t distracting.. Then again, you can usually fix most things with your video editing tools.

Lighting and background

7. The Real You

Social media has driven the rise of communities. People want to feel that they belong to something and that they’re connecting to real people. That’s why they want to see you for who you are and what you stand for. Therefore, sometimes the “raw” video clips are the ones that work best. You can take that one step further and show people behind the scene footage. After all, if you have nothing to hide, then of course viewers can trust you and follow your brand.


8. Use Curiosity and Competitiveness

Let’s assume that you’ve hooked your audience during the first few seconds of your video clips. Then what? How do you make sure they watch until the end? One way to do that is to build on their curiosity when working with your online video editor. So, for example, you could ask a poignant question that’s only answered at the very end of your video. Another approach is to launch a challenge or competition that’s going to happen on your social media channel. Most people enjoy those and it’s a great way to encourage them to sign up for your page.

What’s Next for You and Your Videos?

Now that you have these tips, what are you going to do with them? You might already have known some of them but can you use them differently next time you make a video? At the end of the day, taking your videos to the next level is about being creative and unique. So, keep challenging yourself whilst maximizing your online video editor.

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
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