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7 Ways to Build a Thriving Office Space on a Startup’s Budget

officeUnless you’ve inherited a small fortune and have decided to put that money to good use, you’re probably yet another aspirational entrepreneur dealing with the problem of financing their startup. Yes, almost every startup looking to make it big in the competitive business world is strapped for cash, but that shouldn’t worry you too much so long as you have the resources to prepare and launch your venture with the bare necessities at hand.

One of the essential elements of a thriving business venture is a productive, spacious, and vibrant office space. Now, every urban hotspot is likely to have tens if not hundreds of amazing commercial spaces just waiting for your team to settle in, but oftentimes, these spaces come with an inflated price tag. Here is how you can build your interior on a startup’s budget, and make long-term financial savings to boot.

Office location considerations

Location, location, location. The timeless aphorism holds strong to this very day and unless you’re a tech startup that doesn’t need to accommodate customers or clients on a daily basis, you really need to pick your ideal office location carefully and relocate efficiently.

Now, contrary to popular belief, this needn’t be a tenth-story glass-and-hardwood office smack in the middle of the city center. While it is always nice to grab a sweet office right in the CBD, there are other amazing places for you to explore. Consider new, up-and-coming neighborhoods that attract clients from your demographic – oftentimes, these can be hipster neighborhoods with plenty of artisan cafes and restaurants dotting the promenades and tree-laden sidewalks instead of strictly commercial districts.

Support flexible working with a homey design

The modern office design is meant to serve an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose. However, it’s not just about repainting the walls and equipping every workstation with the right kind of office supplies – it’s also about creating a homey design that will support work, play, and rest and relaxation.

Flexible work hours are very popular nowadays, and some people like getting in very early in the morning while others love staying late, alone in the office to finish up a project. If you want to make this kind of work dynamic feasible and sustainable long-term, you will need to introduce various amenities. These should include a fully-stocked kitchen, a bathroom with showers and lockers, a comfy sleeping area, and a small gym where people can shed the daily stress of office life.

Invest in the right kind of tech

Technology has, without a doubt, become an inextricable part of the business world. From smart software managing entire logistics systems in global enterprises to desktop automation software making everyday tasks easier and more straightforward for your employees, introducing tech into your office should rank high on your to-do list.

Alas, innovative office tech tends to be more on the pricey side, so for the time being, simply stick to the bare essentials. Every workstation should be equipped with tech that corresponds to the job description. While a content creator might only need a reliable laptop, a 3D artist or a back-end developer might need a powerful PC setup, so make sure you manage your resources accordingly.

Weave your brand into the setting

In the modern business world, talent retention is one of the greatest pain-points for every entrepreneur or business leader. Simply put, the digital age has diversified and enriched the job market, creating an opportune environment that millennials are not afraid to exploit to their advantage. This means that if you don’t have a strong brand identity in place, there is nothing stopping your employees from leaving.

To combat this problem and boost employee retention (and attract top talent in the industry), you will need to weave your brand’s identity into the interior, something that innovative architecture firms such as Studio X emphasize above all else. The focus is on creating an emotional connection with the employee; a deeply rewarding experience that will inspire and incentivize them to fall in love with your brand. Only then can you hope to establish a loyal employee collective that will propel your brand to new heights.

Support the individual and their needs

Speaking of nurturing a deep connection with your employees, every individual need to be represented, acknowledged and appreciated. Introverts, extroverts, individuals with special needs – top talent in the industry could be hiding in any of these groups. If you want to bring them over to your side, you need to design a space that fits their specific needs. This way, you can easily propel your business forward.

With that in mind, be sure to make your office wheelchair accessible, and strive to appeal to both introvert and extrovert employees. Your extroverts should enjoy a grand coworking area, while your introverts should have the option to isolate themselves in a quiet booth and focus on their work when the office starts getting too hectic.

Stick to regular cleaning and decluttering

It might sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many business leaders actually forget to keep the office space clean and clutter-free. Paying for a professional cleaning service is an investment in the future of your office space, and your employees’ health and happiness, so it’s not something you want to forget.

Likewise, this creates an excellent opportunity to build a positive company culture based on recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Introduce a strict cleanliness rulebook and recycling guidelines and combine these actions with daily cleaning and you will have no problem preserving a productive, thriving work environment.

Introduce natural elements in every corner

Last but not least, greenery is an essential part of every beautiful and functional office space. Not only does it elevate the aesthetic appeal of every room and workstation, but it also serves the purpose of alleviating some of the pressure of office life from the minds of your employees. By simply introducing vibrant, air-purifying plants in every corner, you will have created a healthy workplace your employees and clients can truly appreciate.

Building a thriving office for the modern workforce is definitely a challenging, and oftentimes costly task. However, there are amazing and affordable solutions you can introduce on an average startup’s budget, so be sure these design hacks help you pave the road to long-term success and employee satisfaction.

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