5 Small But Important Things To Know About Health Insurance


Purchasing health insurance plan has become essential for everyone and there are plenty of health insurance keys which you must be aware of while purchasing health insurance policy. There are many companies that have introduced mediclaim policies for meeting the unfortunate health related issues. The subject matter of the health insurance policy of these Insurance Companies is generally the same, but the value added facilities, rates of providing assurance differ from each others.

Five things about health insurance policy

  1. Early purchase of health insurance

    We all dream of such offers that are not available in the market, like paying low premium and getting all the features of health insurance bundled into one plan, the best settlement and hassle free claim and many others. But you cannot get altogether benefits under a bundled product and that too when you plan to buy health insurance at the age of 40. Most of the benefits and add on covers are subsumed after a certain age of picking up a policy. This is why it is highly recommended to purchase a health insurance plan as early as possible to enjoy the dream benefits for the years to come.

  2. Number of persons to cover

    Make a list of people whom you want to get covered under the health insurance plan. Moreover, also take a note of their health status and the history of any family disease. Focus on the areas which can be covered and the ages of the family member too before taking family floater plan.

  3. Planning for family floater or individual plan

    There are people, who would always support for family floater plan when you take their advice, because it is always beneficial and you get a complete family coverage under one roof. But have you checked the age groups of your family member? Suppose you are buying family floater plan when members of the family have reached 50. Here you will not get the benefits that you might have got when their age group were in between 40- 50. Here you will need to decide to take up an individual plan of health insurance.

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4. Room rent cap

Coverage for room rents that you would need to pay for your hospitalization expenses has upper cap limits mentioned under the terms of the health insurance policy. You must keep in mind about this upper cap before choosing the policy plan as well as choosing the hospital which provides room at a rent which is reimbursed completely by the insurance company.

5. Network of hospitalization

There are Insurance Companies like ICICI Lombard health insurance, Bajaj health insurance, Iffco Tokio, Religare and etc which has wide hospitalization network for cashless facility all over the country. You must check the terms of the policy and the networks of the hospitals which lets you cashless facility.

Thus, these are small but important things which must be kept in mind when you have planned for a securing your life against any health hazards that might come up any time.