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5 of Europe’s best UNESCO sites worth exploring with EU residency

Europe is home to some of the world’s eminent cultural and natural landmarks chosen exclusively as UNESCO sites. For travellers as well as residents, there’re plenty of historical and architectural marvels to explore from Greek ruins to Italian Renaissance cities. The diverse scenery with ancient forest, dramatic fjords and white-sandy beaches, here’s how to explore Europe’s best UNESCO sites bearing EU residency!

  1. Acropolis, Athens

Perhaps the greatest architectural and artistic complex of Ancient Greece is the Acropolis of Athens that’s located on top of a rocky hill. Influential statesman; Pericles remodelled the citadel following the Athenians’ conquest over Persians. Greece’s most renowned sculptors and architects were commissioned for the task that resulted in the marvellous site, recognised today by UNESCO.

  1. Venice, Italy

Greatest work of art and architecture is represented clearly in Venice that boasts high and mighty with its charming network of waterways and canals. It was founded in the 5th century and once a maritime stronghold, influenced by the development of impressive trading stations from the adjacent Dalmatian Coast to the Asian Minor.

Venice is world’s most unique urban settlements due to perfect and harmonious blend of Renaissance and medieval architecture with a natural backdrop adding to the appeal factor. You may even reside in the city with a valid Europe residency!

  1. Évora, Portugal

Évora, a renowned city in the Alentejo dates back to the Roman regime and a perfect icon from the Golden Age of Portugal. It became residence of Portuguese monarchs during the 15th century surrounded by royal palaces and covenants.

Many new architectural features were added over the centuries that include the truncated whitewashed houses embroidered with attractive Dutch tiles and wrought-iron balconies. Colonial cities in Brazil are heavily influenced by the amazing architecture.

  1. Bath, England

The name, Bath is due to the city being used as a thermal spa town by the Romans, founded in the 1st Century AD. In the Roman remains to the north of the Alps, The Baths are utterly prominent. The city flourished as a wool industry centre during the Middle Ages while remained as a spa icon to boast some of the most lively arts and literature scene under the reign of King George III. The art and architecture is influenced by Andrea Palladio as clearly represented in the neo-classical buildings, terraces and squares that harmonises with the Roman remains.

  1. The Western Fjords, Norway

In the Southwest Norway, the Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord inlets are world’s longest and deepest. The translucent rock walls rising majestically to almost 1400 metres from the Norwegian Sea and plunge to the depth of 500 metres below the sea level are most iconic of all. The cliffs are steeper boasting a wonderful complex of forests, rivers, glaciers and waterfalls. Considered as world’s most scenic inlets that serves as a home of amazing wildlife, this place is certainly worth enjoying with EU residency!


Europe has many other amazing sites and cities to explore once in a lifetime but the above UNESCO recognised places are simply amazing and distinct.

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