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4 Reasons why you should consider investing in US stocks from India & How to invest

US stocks investment opportunities attract a lot of traders and investors across the world. You can also participate in that market from India by fulfilling all the formalities and criteria. Some of the best and most high-performing stocks are in the USA, including Google, Facebook, General Motors, Apple, etc. You can diversify your investment option and grow your wealth with the expansion of these firms. Many Indian platforms online offer the answer to how to invest in US stocks from India.

You have to rely upon the connectivity and exposure of the available online platforms to buy US stocks since brokers do not cover international markets. Most experts claim portfolio diversification is almost incomplete across market capitalisation and asset-class markets without foreign investments. The interest in stocks has always been prevalent in the market. The only problem is getting the required exposure and platform. Many budding investors also ask how to invest in US stocks from India. Let us look at the valid reasons for taking this step and the ultimate procedure to move forward with the investment plan.

Earning dollars in US stock markets has always been a dream for traditional investors. 

Valid Reasons To Invest In US Stocks

With the increasing popularity of global companies headquartered in the US, investors keep asking how to invest in US stocks from India. The most compelling reasons for the same are:

  • Access Fractional Investing

Considering the dollar-rupee difference, you must understand that investing in US stocks will require huge funds. The values of the leading US stocks are skyrocketing. The good news is, the US stock market offers a fraction investment option wherein you can buy a fraction of the stock value of a company. 

  • The Exchange Rate

The rupee-dollar exchange rate will help you earn more in monetary value. So, your one dollar earning in US stocks will yield you over 70 INR. This disparity is beneficial, but you also need to understand the difference in the sum you will need to buy the stocks. Due to these reasons, most investors find it difficult to understand how to invest in US stocks from India. 

  • Low Volatility Rate

It is a historically and universally known fact that the US stock markets are less volatile than Indian markets. So, the risk you bear by investing in US stocks will always be less than investing in the domestic market. This low volatility rate is also a reason why investors take interest in the US market. 

  • Global Corporations

Most of the leading global corporations like Amazon, Facebook and Google are headquartered in the USA. Therefore, the availability of these stocks in the US market becomes the centre of attraction for most investors. 

Best Ways To Invest In US Stocks 

To understand how to invest in US stocks from India completely, it is also crucial to know the best possible ways to make the investment. Look at the given options to comprehend a rough idea of how to proceed with the investments. 

  • Direct Investment Options

If you wish to trade regularly in US stocks, you will have to go with the direct investment methods. You have to open a trading account and participate in the market regularly. For this, you must have the time and understanding of the market. Direct investments are also risky, especially if you are not a pro in this market. Therefore, it is better to opt for indirect investments. 

  • Indirect Investments

The best indirect investment options are mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You can opt for a long-term mutual fund investment to grow your wealth slowly yet steadily. The new-age applications and online portals will make the task easier for you. You just need to go through the options with a detailed understanding of how to invest in US stocks from India. 

Things To Consider While Choosing The US Stocks 

Foreign investments are complicated and time-consuming. For you to understand how to invest in US stocks from India completely, knowing a few basic facts is essential. Note these facts and information for future reference.

  • If you wish to become an active participant in the US stock market, open a trading account in an overseas bank. You can get all the details online. 
  • You will have to be comfortable with paying extra charges and convenience fees while investing in US stocks. Also, you will have to bear the difference of currency incongruity. 
  • Long-term investments are more beneficial and cost-efficient than trading in US stocks. You must opt for long-term investments. 
  • Consider taxes as per the Indian and US taxation laws for investments.

The answer to how to invest in US stocks from India is clear now. You just have to find your knack in foreign investments and take some time out to perform the formalities. Diversify your portfolio internationally with US stocks. Choose a reliable platform to compare and purchase stocks from the international market.

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