3 Vital Steps to Avoid Drop of Traffic during Website Redesign


The website of your business is one of the most vital aspects of your company and naturally, you have to ensure that it represents the company products, services, vision, mission and every other information in an interesting and attractive manner that will keep the visitors engaged for hours together.

So, it is imperative that you appoint a competent team from the best web development company in India who will be able to offer the website just like you want. But no matter how incredible your business website is, there always comes a time when you need to revamp your current website design.

Provided the multitude of the algorithm changes that happen every year and the regular consumer internet usage changes, an outdated website can never deliver the desired online results that you need.

If your website has been revamped then there are a number of reasons for you to rejoice as you get enhanced traffic, greater conversions, better pagespeed and more sales. This is exactly what happens when you do a design right.

But this is not always the case, unfortunately. There are many site owners who lose their traffic in the days and weeks following the redesign of the website. So here are some ways to avoid such a situation from cropping up when you are going for site redesign.

  • Crawl Your Existing Site and Plan the Architecture of the New Site – You should first take an inventory of every page in your site prior to making any changes. There are also a number of tools available online that will help you do this and also provide the results in a spreadsheet.

This will help you make sure that all the valuable pieces of information that are in your site have made its place in the redesigned version and this can be put to use to build the new site architecture. In certain cases, your general structure and URLs can remain the same.

But if the current URLs are not put in a logical way, i.e. with the appropriate titles of pages and sub folders, then the perfect opportunity to fix this issue is by redesigning.

  • Ensure the SEO is Part of the Process – Ensure that the redesigning takes place in sync with the SEO strategies throughout the process. This may happen that the design agency that you appointed has experts in the industry but keeping the SEO professionals in track will assist in avoiding serious issues that may result in loss of traffic.

They may also advise on how the traffic levels improve after the redesign and make the process even more apt to fetch greater amount of traffic to your site.

  • 301 Redirects Have to be Setup – Not having the proper redirects in the right place is one of the major reasons for loss of traffic. If your URLs have undergone changes, then you need to set them up prior to launching a new site.

You must also ensure that each one is established as a permanent or 301 redirect and this tells search engine crawlers that the page has moved permanently.  Using temporary or 302 redirects happens to be a common error, but it can harm the rankings tremendously. So take care not to commit such a mistake.

The above are some of the steps that you should keep in mind at the time of redesigning your site to avoid drop of traffic. These are suggested by the premium company of website design in India where the team not only have the apt knowledge but extensive experience in this field since many years now.

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